Playing a Youtube video causes VR Chat to hang

Playing a Youtube video on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Chromium based) causes VR Chat to hang / slowdown (to about 1 fps) even before the video is Fullscreen,
and using a private instance with no one else doesn’t make a difference.

Exiting the Browser doesn’t fix it either, only way to fix it is to restart the game.

Doesn’t happen with Firefox, but FireFox won’t respond to Oculus / Steam VR clicks

Tried on 2 PCs, on VR, both Steam and Oculus

One with i9 9900k, 16 GB RAM, 2070 Super
and another with i7 10700, 16GB RAM, Intel UHD 630

hmm, have you tried disabling hardware acceleration in your browser?

I’ve tried that for a couple of days now,
and that seems to have fixed it!