Notification and friend list issue

It make now 6 months i’m playing this game and i still have this issue
To be clear, i can’t receive invite and my friend list stop working after an hour in game and i have no idea why, i have try a lot of stuff and yes the basic (uninstall, ipv6, firewall) that’s why now i’m comming over here to see if someone got a solution who can help me cause it’s horrible to always need the website to see too late if someone invited me lol
Thank you for your help
Have a nice day

I think you should contact vrchat support and see if they have any better suggestions.

Disabling ipv6 I think that the client should be able to test for a bad ipv6 connection and react according.

Disabling firewall, I guess if it’s from fun antivirus vendor, could be lots of trouble in a firewall. I haven’t had trouble with windows firewall.

I’ve had the friends list not worth properly a few times, haven’t had trouble with invites though. On some nights I need to have website open to invite myself to where the friends are. But most of the time it works.

The thing is i have contacted them before and i say exactly the same thing and they reply me the generic ipv6 and stuff when i specified that i already did it lol
They literally didn’t read my ticket

That’s fairly normal for technical support. Some large percent of the time the easy answer works.

Just try again,

I will try again, but i have no hope

I’m coming back over here to help every poor soul in that case
I did contact the support again and this time i have insisted and they give me some solution
One has worked, it’s to install cloudflare and using it every time i go on vrc
Hope it will help someone

Can you clarify? Cloudflare is most known as a company that provides ddos protection for website

Hey could you please explain how you run Cloudflare when you get on vrc? I’ve been having this same issue for a long time now and I want a fix for it that actually works. Everything everyone has told me to use does not work like the Ivp6 fix just does literally nothing. If this works for you I want it to work for myself

Well after a while of using it now i can say, i literally just turn on cloudflare warp all the time before i start up vrc and the i’m not having the issue anymore, but if i don’t the issue come back then

Oh, found a link for the Warp: