Mic spammers know when they're muted? Is this legit?

I just came from a discussion on the Steam forums where people were talking about mic spam, with one person claiming that spammers know they’re muted and can even retaliate:

also the only way to get rid of them is by muting the user (as tired to voice because accessibility feature for mutes) guess what they do when you mute them? real “fun” in a group instance where the idiots are mods.

I suggested they report the mic spammer for client use, because they’re obviously using a block parser. And the first reply?

theres literally an icon for people who have you muted.

Is this real? I find it hard to believe that the VRChat team would actually expose player moderations like this.

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Yeah, mute is indicated, it affects both voice and chatbox. Personally if it’s someone annoying I turn them to 5% and it usually takes them awhile to realize I’m not really bothered. I would like to see the minimum be a bit lower

I’ve always thought it was a weird decision for VRChat to show others that you have them muted. This only seems to promote harassment and “retaliation” from what I’ve seen.

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