Client-Side Crasher Targeting My Community- Help Needed!

Hey everyone,

I’m reaching out because I’m facing a frustrating situation with my VR Chat world. We’ve built a fantastic community and everyone’s been enjoying hanging out there. We always emphasize using the blocking and muting features for a positive experience, which works great most of the time.

However, for the past few days, the same individual has been disrupting everything with a client-side crasher. We’ve tried resolving this peacefully:

  • Communication: We attempted to talk to the person causing the crashes, but unfortunately, they haven’t been receptive.
  • Reporting: We reported the issue to VRChat with crash logs and screenshots (including some evidence they themself shared on Discord). However, I’m concerned an IP ban might not be effective and reporting take some time ( after crashing for 5-6h ).
  • World Management: We created a public+ group world and banned the user, but they keep creating new accounts to continue the harassment.
  • World Optimization: I’ve optimized the world extensively within Unity, disabling anything that could potentially trigger a crash.

Despite these efforts, the crashes persist, often lasting for hours. My main concern is protecting the wonderful community we’ve built.

So, here’s the question: What else can I do?

Has anyone else encountered a similar situation? Are there any additional anti-crashing measures I can implement within VRChat or Unity?

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Let’s work together to keep the fun and positive vibes alive.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. If anyone has experience dealing with VRChat’s reporting system and has tips on speeding up the process, especially for repeat offenders, that would be incredibly helpful too.

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They crash everyone on join? Sure it’s a clientside crasher? Have you blocked their avatar for the whole group? (if im not wrong only the owner of the group can do it)

Admin spoilered due to harsh lanaguage in image.

I am so sure its a client, this is a photo ( send by the crasher )
All avatars blocked to me. save mode enabled and yup he crash everyone on join. ( instant 80 people comes down to 1 persone in 5 sec )

I don’t think. Outside of banning it from groups again untill they get bored creating a new account every single day. I don’t know. That’s bad. Real bad

we already doing the banning for 3 days now until one of us get bored or someone giving us a solution. thank you spokeek :rose: