Block Glitch where your able to see those who block you

So I know many people on here have blocked me because of some stupid reason or another which is normal for VRChat with how drama full it is but I’ve been able to see those who blocked me and they can not see me or hear me but as soon as I block and unblock them they disappear and it sucks cuz it makes me sad as some people I was close with and knowing they blocked me without even confronting me is pretty dumb can someone please fix this

Just to be clear the actual sequence is

  1. We meet
  2. I block you
  3. You still see me?

For how long? Just for that instance? I wonder if that is bug or feature. Hard to freak out about being blocked if you don’t immediately notice. Also could be to get around someone in a game blocking an opponent to avoid them, for cheating purposes.

Like I can see their avatar and them moving around and such but is not able to hear them and they can not see me or hear me it’s like a ghost and if they are in the world I see them unless I block and unblock like if I don’t have them blocked and they have me blocked that I can see them and it kinda sucks when your trying to say hi to them when you know they are ok with you and then find out you were blocked

If they block you, they won’t see or hear you, but you still see their name in socials if you are in the same world. It is as if you are simply ignoring each other.

A word of advice when faced with this dilemma: Find new friends who are better at communicating. Don’t waste time worrying or chasing the person who blocked you.

It’s also quite possible they blocked by mistake or just need some alone space so blocking everyone for awhile.

Perhaps they were drunk or otherwise unable to articulate their needs and boundaries. Some lack social skills.

If interest persists, they can always re-friend and unblock later, though you may not want to surround yourself with volatile people who may create drama.

On the other hand, if you feel there is something technically wrong happening, and blocks aren’t working as expected, get together with a friend you can talk with on discord (or some other platform) at the same time, and try blocking and unblocking each other to see what happens.

If you can consistently reproduce the issue, do a screen recording and file a bug. I’m sure the devs would follow up on something like this.

If you can’t repo this, then maybe it was just a fluke, or you were mistaken about being blocked. The person may have had audio or network issues, or what you observed wasn’t a block at all.

Hope that helps! Please follow up if you try this line of troubleshooting, I’d like to know and will try it myself later.

No, it’s if I click on them and I say block and unblock on it then they disappear

And it reoccurs when you logout and log back in, they appear then disappear, needing to be blocked and unblocked again?

Difficult to ask of a stranger though would be great if we knew the exact steps that made this happen…

That’s why I suggested testing with a friend you could simultaneously converse in some other way :slightly_smiling_face:

Yea it’s odd for it to do it

It also happened to me once, I just had to rejoin the world and it corrected the problem (same for the invisible pen problem)

We’ve found a reliable way to reproduce the issue and have implemented a fix. This will roll out in a future update.

thank you so much glad that i was able to see the issue out right to get fixed

there is a glitch that happens where for what ever reason some one in world will be blocked. if you have some one that can communicate to the on that cant see you. they need to block and unblock you. there were times where i couldn’t see one of my friends, and we figured it out. idk why vrc is buggy with that

also the fix didnt work happened to me last week

Hello. I have been having some issues with someone recently and was wondering if this still applied?

Just FYI I see two separate bugs in the thread, being blocked an the other person still there, and joining a world and not seeing someone because VRChat thinks there is a block in place and there isn’t.