Blocked user still able to join my worlds

Hi guys, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this. But anyway I have a bit of an Issue regarding someone I have blocked.

Currently the person I have blocked is able to join my worlds and see that I am in the world under “blocked in this world” is there a way to hide this ? This person has been stalking me for about 2 years and still persists to harasses me in public worlds.( and various social medias)
It seems very odd that they are able to still communicate via pens in the world. whilst being blocked too ?

is there something I missing or does blocking seem to do nothing but hide their avatar and voice?

I really hope there is a solution to this seen as it makes me feel sick to my core every time this happens.

Blocking doesn’t hide the pens, I suppose if VRChat wanted to implement thier own pen system they could attach a user to each pen stroke.

Personally I’m curious as to how someone can find you often enough for you to care, I think you should reach out to VRChat support.

ok, il try contact support directly. I have reported the user a few times but I don’t think anything happened.

I think the reason they are able to find me is probably due to the low amount of public worlds active. which kinda sucks as it was one of my favourite worlds that I tend not to visit for that very reason.
Thanks anyway

You can check your computer for viruses!
Create a new account in vrchat

I don’t think using public instances would block anyone entering the world with you, because of the simple fact they are public.

Create a Friends or Invite only type of instance. If they aren’t your friend and you’ve set your status accordingly, this would effectively prevent them from joining with you.

If someone is harassing you, take screenshots or photos and contact support.

If your life is in danger, contact the authorities.

A few more things you can do:

  • see if you can disable pens in the world, usually there is a toggle somewhere to turn them off
  • create your own group, ban the person from it, then create a public group instance from the world that you want to visit. Now there is a public instance where this person cannot get inside, but everyone else can
  • contact the world owner if there is no pen toggle, so that they can add one
  • record evidence of this user harassing you and submit your story to VRChat via a moderation ticket. In-game reports won’t do much if nobody also creates a ticket.
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I see 2 solutions that VRChat could implement for this:

  • Blocking all networked sync between GameObjects owned by the blocked user and you (VRCObjectSync, UdonSynced variables and others networked events). Result: The others users may be able to still see the pen moving, but not you as the Pen is owned by a blocked user.
  • Exposing some sort of “IsUserBlocked” for the localPlayer in Udon. That way world creators could implement their own solution just by checking if a user is blocked.