People see me stuck

Since a week this problem happens a lot at random moments. People see me stuck in the ground even if I can still move, hear and see them. If they are near my stuck avatar they can hear me. I have to rejoin the world everytime it happens, but sometimes it can occurs 1, 2 , 3 or 4 times in a row.

I don’t know what cause the problem and how to solve it.
The world I’m in or the number of people with me doesn’t seem to influence it.
I can be with only one other person in a private world, it can still happen.
Changing avatar doesn’t change anything.
I tried to clear cache, reinstall vrchat, but nothing change.

I play in pcvr with a quest 2, and until now I never had any problem during the 3 months I played with it.

I don’t know if someone had a similar problem but
please, if annyone know how to solve it, can you tell me ?

On the photo you can see me stuck where you see the nametag, even if I’m currently on the roof with the person who took the photo, holding the bottle you see floating in air.

I have the same issues.

I have been having the same problem It started happening after the update well for me at least