Log in confusion

Was wondering if anyone has resolved this before and has. Steps to take.

Here’s my situation.

I have four. Emails three for different work related uses and 1 for personal use.

My FB got locked out so I used a second email a work email to create another fb. And ended up getting oculus quest 2.

Setup the. Quest 2 with new fb and got VR chat

Setup VR chat with FB through oculus quest 2

Traveled a few days. Monthsonths later and realized you can do VR chat from Android … Don’t have the headset and. Downloaded the VR chat app
Via Google Play store

Asks me for login information … :melting_face::sweat_smile::person_shrugging:

Ok so it never ever ever asked for that on the headset.

Checked the email account used for the quest …and fb. No emails ever sent from vr chat to the email.
Never setup or can’t think of a password.

Tried using my login credentials for the FB I have on phone AND. oculus quest 2

Nope …not it …

How do I log into my VR chat from mobile …

Yes I have logged into here I had to use yet another. Email

I tried all the help ticket options and apparently they don’t want u asking for help unless it’s permanently locked out … It’s not locked I just haven’t the foggyest what information was used to setup my account
Or how to input it to log in via mobile

Any experience with this would be a big help

So on a quest headset VRChat allows you to log in with a meta account, or a VRChat account. VRChat on the left, meta on the right

The meta account can be used on the headset because you’re logged into the headset.

You can only log in to VRChat website with VRChat account. They have no direct access to meta accounts.

It’s likely that you need to make a VRChat account and then link your meta account when you have time.

If your quest is handy you could log in and look at your username. If it’s got a code on the end, it’s a platform account.