Cant Login On Quest 2 & Quest 3

I am unable to log into my account on the Quest 2 nor the Quest 3. I receive the attached error. This has been happening a few weeks now. However, I am able to log into the website fine. I had the Quest 2 for awhile & when I went to open VR Chat I began receiving the attached error. I tried multiple wifi networks, I tried logging in using both my occulus & my vrchat accounts, I’ve tried uninstallling-restarting-reinstalling using both sign in methods on different connections, I’ve tried deleting app data & ive tried resetting my home world & avatar to default. Absolutely nothing is working. I haven’t logged in to play for a long time but last time I did I had no issue. I also had VrChat+ but now i don’t. So I waited until I received my new Quest 3 hoping that would fix the issue, but the same thing happens on that as well. I have attached the error, can this be fixed? I’d hate to lose all my friends & account information. Thank you

Have you tried to log in via PC at all? The main reason is to just verify that it’s a problem you’re having strictly with your Quest headsets and not something like a Firewall or Network Connectivity problem in general.

I have a similar (but not identical problem). I’ve posted a question about it but haven’t gotten any replies. I can test worlds from Unity, I can run the Windows client but in PCVR the VRChat app tries to start and then shuts down. Nothing visible but the failure to run.

Is there a log file somewhere that might offer a clue? It didn’t used to do this and other PCVR apps run just fine.

If anyone has a guess I could at least give it a try. Has something changed in the last release (another port in use or something)?

You can find the application log inside your User folder on Windows → \AppData\LocalLow\VRChat\VRChat\output_log_/txt

There may be some information in there that could be useful if the game always crashes on startup.

Thanks but there is no log files in that folder of any kind. Various folders associated with some settings but no log file. I believe the app may not be starting and it may be being stopped at the start up of the Easy Anti-Cheat app. I’ve tried starting it manually and it doesn’t run if in fact it is supposed to start VR Chat.