Issue Loading Worlds/Avatars

I’m currently facing an issue in vrchat where worlds have a considerably long load time making worlds such as the great pug take 15-20mins, or sometimes longer, to load which while in vr is really frustrating. Sometimes when I do decide to wait out the painstakingly long load time the loading will freeze at 100% and not put me in the world until I restart the game and attempt to load it. The same happens with avatars were it will take forever to load them and it will have the green “LOADING” bar below their name, but never load until I restart my game. I have cleared my cache many times, reinstalled the game, restarted my internet, and updated my drivers. At this point I can’t comfortable play this game or even at all really and I’m just looking for some semblance of a solution so i can work towards fixing this.

I have this too mate it’s horrid