Is this allowed?

hello, is it allowed for me to create a list of players that’ve been shown to be malicious more then ounce in my worlds and then limit features i provide permanently? for example: lets say i have a PvP game with guns and it has customizable weapons such as skins i want to prevent players that’ve shown themselves to be malicious more then ounce from using something that does not affect the gameplay & still allow them to do as the world intends.

this wouldn’t be banning but it would at least be a way for other players who want to play fair to look at this other person who’s shown themselves as malicious/ trying to gain unfair advantages so they could use a VTK system to remove them &/ or if its a group they can simply kick them if they dont want this type of behavior in the server.

i know that i can create a anti cheat in my worlds to remove individuals on a per server basis but i want to be able to do more even if its just this small of a thing as my anti cheat may not cover every situation of bad actors trying to gain unfair advantages & this could tell every player “hey this person is bad & should probably be removed if we feel its necessary.”

I believe thats against creator guidelines regarding to automatic application of rules on the world instead of in instance.

For what I know it’s only tolerated for additional features like for patreon, but for moderation like this, it should be done on the instance basis, so with a system when an instance mod can do an action when the user is in world, or ban them from a group instance.

I know it’s not ideal but that’s what I believe is the rule.

Source is

You may not: Preemptively moderate users by using a static or dynamic “block list” or similar systems

At VRChat Creator Guidelines — VRChat


well then what do you think about the patreon side? if someone gets patreon for my world and show that they’re a bad actor can i just simply remove them from the list manually to refuse that?

to me it feels like vrchat is very limiting in the moderation area for world devs and its kinda upsetting imo

Well, imo that’s their view on how world works. When you make one, you create content, and that’s different on the events being held.

And by so moderation must be done when running an instance and being done by the instance owner. So if disturbing people want to still play the game, they can create their own instance with their own rules. It’s like, some kind of self freedom I believe.

It’s not perfect but that’s the direction they have in my opinion.

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I think it’s all in how you present things. Don’t block them from the customization UI, just ignore it as a special service. Also add me to the list of your special friends to be pranked with like magenta guns that forget to fire sometimes or whatever.

Bright and easy to see Golden guns?

Cheating in games is against the Community Guidelines, you should report them on VRChat’s website with proper evidence.

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cheating: aka using OVR advanced settings to gain 10x speed &/ or make yourself invisible or as another example: avatars that use a collider to be able to fly when they shouldn’t be allowed to in games like Prison Escape, Ghost, Blackout! & so on