How can i remove malicious players from my worlds? (SOLVED, dont continue it please.)

i wanna create a game world but i dont want it ruined by malicious players and VRChat has alot of them that tend to abuse OVR advanced, use avatars that fly, look through walls, abuse group public instance’s & more.

on other games that’re similar to vrchat (roblox) you can ban & remove these people but here on vrchat for some really wack reason they dont want you to ban people from the worlds you create so i wanna know what i can do to remove these types of people without the vrc devs whining about it.

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theres a few things you can do;

for looking through walls
you can place a object outside the map that blinds players who’s camera is in it, make a skybox that is completely dark and have there only be light inside the map or give all walls blackfacing so people who use ovr toolkit have to go even further to see anything useful.

for flight
you can add colliders to your world in places you dont want people to get to, create checks to see if someone hasn’t touched the ground in too long(probably not worth it tho)
or put triggers in out of bounds areas to teleport you out of the game

you can also moderate public instances of your world by using group instances or by creating a system which allows you to prevent people from joining the game as long as you dont pre-ban people before joining the world with a auto-ban list (so no moderating across instances or into private instances )

what do you mean by " abuse group public instance’s"?


what i mean by “abuse group public instances” is that there is multiple groups that i have seen & even come across multiple times that go into game worlds such as: Prison escape, blackout!, ghost & infected that sit there and remove people almost instantly or just removing people that play the game (basically like a crasher in sense as it prevents people from playing vrchat.)

for flight as of right now i just make a new controller for handling how the player(s) move & interact, the main point of this post is to say “these are what people do and its why i dont wanna let them do it.”

so you’re saying that i can moderate it to a extent basically BUT what if a group bans the world creator? that would prevent them from moderating & the group can continue being malicious & ruining the game for others who may want to join & even when that group server gets terminated what stops them from just making another one to just do it all again?
(yes people can just make public servers but here is a example: infected, it typically only has 1 maybe 2 servers & you’re required to have at least 2-3 people to play it & if someone makes a group public and chooses to remove people it becomes difficult to get that game started & have fun.)

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if someone sits in a world removing people that person can just join a different instance or make there own and then the instance they made to be malicious dies. if a group bans you you just cant moderate any instances they make but if a instance is poorly moderated or is just kicking people then they will just make there own or join another. group moderators can only kick people from instances that is created with there group.

you cant pre-ban people with a list but you can allow others to ban people using a list to help moderate if you really need it

i dont really wanna make a list of players to be admins just for moderation (someone could decide to be a bad actor) so i dont think ill go with that tbh, do you know if i can create 3rd party software to send events into the game/servers to remove them if they’re shown to be malicious? i myself dont wanna always have to get on vrchat just to shut something down when it can be done abit easier or i may be busy in another server

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you cant create a 3rd party software to interact with your world to ban people from it. there’s no work around about there being group instances specifically for kicking people aside from players just switching instance.
also if you mean banning people if you know they have cheated before and are malicious that would have to be a preban list which isn’t allowed. creator guidelines .

you can use udon to ban people from the world if they do something that should be impossible if there not cheating, and you can also put measures in place so that cheating is more difficult.

i think other people are also pretty good judges of what they allow in there games the vote kick button is fairly good since its unlikely a majority of players are malicious in an instance

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hm, so in that link you’ve sent says in it: " * Use an “allow list” to enable certain features in your world" does this mean that if a user is already known to be constantly malicious i can at the very least pre-mute them and maybe disable a few things for them?

people can be aware that someone is doing something they shouldn’t but ive seen multiple times that they wont do anything about it and may even get upset with someone that is attempting to remove them from the instance.

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the way its worded seems to say that you cant preventively preform any moderation action on someone. “static or dynamic “block list” or similar systems”

Sadly that I’d what they explained earlier. Vrchat worlds are based on by instance moderation, you can’t make global moderation choices for all your instances. You can make rules and detect behaviors, but can’t make a ban list. The only exception be for supportive users like patreon features. That’s what is defines in the guidelines at least.

So you can either relay on behavior detection, or reporting system to be be able to do something about it.


i see, well thank you for the help! i will try something at least lol, cheers!


glad to help

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I wouldn’t call any of those behaviors “malicious.” If people are interacting with the world in a way you don’t like, there’s probably a reason they’re doing so. Maybe they’re curious about how it’s put together. Maybe there’s an area that’s difficult for some users to navigate. Maybe people are just trying to chill out and have fun in a place where it affects nobody else by doing so.

Some folks use OVRAS as an accessibility tool, as well. Think people with physical impairments, as an obvious example. And avatar flight is often to get around extremely difficult and timing-sensitive jumping puzzles. Not everyone has the ability to mash buttons or judge distances as well as you.

If you think that this is really ruining the experience for others you could put up a little sign at the beginning asking people not to do that, but, c’mon, let people experience your world in the way that works best for them. It doesn’t hurt anyone else.


if its a world i create i feel like i am the one who should control aspects of it such as flying &/ or using ovr to bypass puzzles that they’re meant to solve.

if users want to fly & use ovr they do not have to be in my world(s) and can choose other ones instead as the amount of people that i see abusing these features instead of using it for accessibility out weigh the people who do
(i see people in prison escape for example that use ovr to hide themselves & flying avatars to become significantly harder to hit way to often and i dont want that behavior in my games that’re meant to be fair for everyone playing and if someone isnt skilled at the game then just simply git gud instead of ruining it for others.)

i wont be replying to this further as it was solved already and i have the information i need to make fair gameplay & not have vrc devs mad with me, if players themselves come to me and ask me for accessibility features then i will add them! as then i would have control over it to prevent them from being abused, have a good one!