Is something like VRToolkit bannable?

There’s a tool for SteamVR games called VRToolkit that is similar to Reshade for SteamVR. I would like to know if using it is bannable. They have a tutorial on how to add it for VRChat, but I am unsure if this behavior would be considered bannable after the implementation of EAC.

Usually as long as the software only interacts at the SteamVR level (like OVRAS) and doesn’t require doing things like placing a DDL in your VRChat directory you should be fine, I think. I’m not entirely sure what this particular software does so don’t take my word for it.

Please link what you’re talking about, I tried searching for such a thing and I’m getting links to all sorts of tool kits that can be used for VR development.

Sorry I didn’t link it first because I don’t want to feature them.

With the timing of EAC and the following GitHub issue, and the installation instructions not 100% sure

EAC should be in your face if it doesn’t like it, compared to getting banned in a few months or whatever. Hmm…

I’d ask the reporter about thier issue, if they fixed it and such. At the very least they still play VRChat and have an opinion about udon…