Will using ReShade as a workaround for lack of accessibility options get me banned?

Basically, using reshade to add gamma/contrast to help my vision issues in darker worlds since EAC doesn’t seem to block it. This is currently my only options since adding basic features to assist the visually impaired may as the devs state “cause an unprecedented knock on effect”.

So uh, will ReShade get me banned? Since like, it can also be used for things like psuedo-wallhacks, etc in game worlds and stuff? Because it is literally my only option until the devs come to the realization that basic graphics/display calibration settings that have existed for decades in gaming and software development aren’t a controversial thing to add.

I shouldn’t have to be injecting shaders in the first place to get these basic settings, but there is literally no clear official statements on this.

Is it possible to view a users forum posts? Like get a list of literally every post Tupper has made? My understanding of EAC is that VRChat isn’t using it as a primary source of who to ban. So like if reshade sets off EAC, it might grab thier attention. But if it’s not setting off EAC maybe you should post with some tips and tricks?

I think GenesisAria is the other user interested in reshade.

I would prefer an actual official response on this. I don’t want a don’t ask don’t tell situation for visually impaired users.

You know, like how disabled users got banned for modding in alternative input methods before osc was added?

I remembered about the search function

No conclusive answer on that thread though. Maybe contact VRChat support?

Depending on how silly you want to be, you could report yourself for hacking :rofl: but maybe do something else…

I mean, I just want a clear response from VRchat staff regarding the only accessibility tool that myself and people like me have available.

I’m sure content creators would love to know too, it’s a very useful tool for them.

Well, make sure you ask VRChat support about it at some point either way.

Where is reshade inserting itself in your situation? Like if you’re injecting a dll into the VRChat process, I’d expect EAC to notice and block you from going online. But if it’s like an add-on to steam VR I could understand it not setting off EAC.

Is there a guide I can read or follow to get reshade installed the way you do?

ReShade is whitelisted and allowed by EAC and the implementation that VRC has, so you won’t run into any issues with anti-cheat and autobans otherwise the game wouldn’t boot in the first place. Also no, ReShade is just post-processing software and nothing more so it cannot be used for “wallhacks” or any other kind of cheat that would require software that is reading and writing to game memory, which ReShade does not, nor does it modify the client.

I mean. Wireframe shaders, 4-22x zoom shaders, etc are all options. It’s blacklisted in other titles for that reason.

Relating along those lines I’ve been noticing worlds mitigate spying with the camera. There is a club world that seems designed around a London tube station and when you turn off the environment players up close are like ghosts, barely visible and they disappear quickly.

With an actual cheater in VRChat, the other players can always take a break and mirror dwell until the offending person leaves, or block, or vote kick

I ask curious what wireframe looks like. Does reshade work in VR or just desktop mode?

https://reshade.me/ Just check the presets? They are made for specific games but can technically work for pretty much any title due to the nature of how injector works so long as they use the same version of directX

for me Reshade always triggers EAC due it modifying dll’s in the game folder (at least with the version VRC uses)

All official versions of ReShade are whitelisted internally by EAC for a reason (it should detect if you’re using a modified/hacked dll to somehow “cheat”). VRChat should not touch this. It’s harmless in every way.

AFAIK vrchat doesn’t even autoban anyone with EAC, they just have it say “f u, no game, stop being dumdum”.