Is CPU priority implemented yet? If so, how do I set it?

I’m on the Open Beta. Intel processor.

I actually want to drop the CPU priority of VRChat, because I want to test to see if that increases the stability of other processes, especially my Vive Wireless connection.

You should be able to that using the Windows Task Manager.

Edit for future readers: This is not possible since the integration of EAC.

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This is the correct answer

This is not the correct answer. EAC prevents you from changing the CPU priority.

And that’s why VRChat told us in a Dev Update that they’re working on an internal solution for changing process priority. My question is whether that’s been released yet, and if so, how to use it.

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If you’re comfortable with doing it through the Registry Editor and are aware of the risks involved with it, you can add a new key for VRChat.exe with the appropriate key and DWORD under it.

Full instructions: