CPU - Cores vs. Speed, or engine limits?

Hi there,
ive been using VRChat a lot recently, and while the performance is very good on my system in single player instances, as soon as i join an instance with a lot of community avatars, the cpu frametimes go bad, for example from 3,5ms to 40ms which results in stutter and lag.
Doing a lot of searching on the internet didn´t result in any useful information.
Most often the answer is “VRChat is poorly optimized, you can´t do anything about that”.

Now heres my question:
As Avatars are heavy on the CPU (at least, thats what my research on the internet told me), what is to prefer for VRChat: Less CPU cores at high speed, or many cpu cores at lower speed?
That really comes down to how the engine works, if it doesn´t use more like for example 6 Cores, it could help to disable hyperthreading and bump up the core clock.

There is conflicting information on the internet about that. On one forum they say “vrchat doesnt use more than a single or two threads”, another post says “vrchat uses all your cores”.

As some of this information is older, im really confused.

Im actually running an Intel i7-7800X @ 5,1 Ghz.
Thats 6 Cores / 12 Threads.
I could bump up the speed by disabling Hyperthreading, so the CPU would run at 6 Cores / 6 Threads but at higher speeds.

Can anyone please give useful information on that topic?

Or could it just be a limit of the engine, that it can´t handle a lot of community avatars with things like dynamic bones, and that you can´t do anything about that with using faster hardware?

btw. Hardware Specs are:
Motherboard: EVGA X299 DARK
Cpu: INTEL CORE i7-7800X @5.1Ghz
Ram: Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3000@3466Mhz, CL 15-18-18-35
Gpu: MSI RTX 2080 with EKWB Water Block, with shunt-mod and custom bios

This is because of misinformation and misinterpretation. VRChat will try and use as many cores as possible, just so happens that some assets which VRChat does not control (such as Dynamic bones) only use a single core. As a result in some scenarios it appears as if VRChat is heavily hitting one core, when in reality it’s just Dynamic Bones doing this.

In fairness to dynamic bones, it was likely never intended to be used on a game of this scale.

You can use task manager to disprove the single core myth very easily by forcing VRChat to use a single core and seeing what happens in even just worlds where you’re alone.
If anything I’d probably suggest you disable Dynamic Bones in public lobbies and see how that goes.