Introduction - JessicaOnMain (TPG)

Name: JessicaOnMain or TPG, whatever your preference

What I Do in VRChat: Generally depends if its a weekend or weekday and what my friends are up to at that specific time.

Weekdays I tend to not drink since I often have Graduate School later that day, yay for living in the EU but having mostly NA based friends, but generally I’ll go hang out where most of my friends are at that given time and join in on whatever topic(s) are at hand until my controllers/trackers die.

Weekends are a very different story as they can last around 12-18 hours of non-stop VRC. Not all of it is drinking and I generally stop if my belly starts to hurt but things can get a little wild here or there. I’ll admit it can be a bit hard to get ahold of me during VRC time as well so Discord is your best bet if its something more urgent.

Regardless of all that, I used to do more in the nature of Avatar/World creation but my free time has been eaten up by the aforementioned Graduate School so I’ve become a knowledge sponge instead. By that I mean I always crave new information and learning new things so I can help others and be better equipped when I have some of my own free time to work on things again.

Why and How I Joined VRChat:

I originally might’ve gotten into VRChat way sooner than I actually did as in the summer of 2015 HTC was doing their Vive tour and I got a bit of time to mess around with a Vive-Pre as well as use their heavily curated demo. I almost bought one as well but at the time the cost of purchasing the Vive as well as significant computer upgrades ultimately discouraged me, I bought a DJI Mavic Pro Drone instead.

Technically my account dates back to 10th January of 2018 right around the peak of the infamous Knuckles explosion. I then jumped into VRC and was instantly pestered by a child who wanted to know how I got that “cool robot” that was literally just the default robot at the time. Social anxiety kicked in and I logged off right away, never to open VRChat aga-

Fast-forward about a year later and in Summer of 2019 I gave VRChat another shot with some friends from a community I frequented at the time. My time in desktop was fun but my computer at the time really wasn’t up to even run that well (i7-2600k and a GTX 960) so it didn’t last long and it was hard to motivate myself to get on when even simple worlds or a single mirror could overwhelm my computer.

Fast-forward again a few months to the Half-Life Alyx trailer finally dropping in the middle of one of my classes. Within 10 minutes of the announcement I had placed an order for an Index and researched a replacement GPU. A lovely GTX 1650Ti since it was a good value and there was no way I’d ever need more than 6GB of VRAM right???

Only a few days later I had my Index and finally linked my VRChat/Steam accounts putting my “2nd” join date at November 26th, 2019. Then I remembered I still had no friends and left the Index to gather dust until the Steam Winter Sale of that year finally kicked off. I grabbed a bunch of games including the hot ticket item at the time, Boneworks. Now I’ve had a bit of a history with motion sickness but Boneworks kicked it off something fierce. So I went to another community that I was in that was more focused on VR and one person recommended I play VRChat for about 50~ hours to get my legs. So I did those hours being the classic halfbody mute until the last day where someone was able to get me to actually speak. However, satisfied I had gotten over my motion sickness I closed VRChat for good.

Only for a few days later to get invited to some World Hopping and subsequently what became my first main VRChat friends group. And then the lockdowns started. And then I suddenly have 2k hours in the span of a few months. And then I’m somehow stuck here forever.

Favorite VRChat Memory:

Easily my favorite and most vivid memory has to be my birthday back in 2020. We were in the middle of lockdowns still, my personal life wasn’t going too hot, and just in general things weren’t looking up.

Then out of nowhere I was invited to a world on my birthday, a birthday world made for me by a few friends who went out of their way to show support for me. While I might not be in contact with all who came to wish me a happy birthday that day I’m still forever grateful for that day and never will forget it.

Favorite World:

Going to be a bit biased here and say Forge World by Heavynator wins since I use a screenshot taken from that world as my VRChat profile banner.

Picture of my usual avatar:

Why I came to these forums:

There’s the very long answer, the long answer, the somewhat long answer, and finally the short answer. I think given how long this introduction already I’ll go with the short answer.

VRChat has honestly fascinated me and kept my attention glued on it in a way no other platform has. While I don’t make nearly as much content as I used to I still go out of my way to keep tabs on VRChat, the community surrounding it, and anything that might be tangentially connected within the VR space. As I mentioned earlier, I’m an Information Sponge, and assuming this places goes to plan with any luck it will become the place to soak up new information.

So I guess now all there is to say is, hi I’m Jess and I’m here to learn!


Most expensive free to play game on steam haha. I thought my 1080Ti would last me at least another few years. Upgrading specifically for VRC seems to be a trend among almost everyone I talk to. :sweat_smile:

My computer history is another funny story


i7-2600k → R5 3600 → R9 5950X → R7 5800X3D → i9-1300H


GTX 960 → GTX 1650Ti → 3090 → 4090 → 4090 (Laptop)

Hopefully I can finally get my desktop shipped over to Europe this year but for now this laptop does the job as my desktop replacement.

Hi Jessica!!!

The computer history is a great idea… although I don’t remember much before my 4750k, aside from “I think I had a Phenom???”

omg Tupper hiiiiii!!!

Honestly same as well, I just kinda built computers somehow with parts that I assumed were decent. Wasn’t until VRChat that I started taking it seriously.

Also I still don’t know how I managed to get VRChat working on an almost decade old CPU.

You’d be surprised (or perhaps not) at the kind of hardware we see pop up, lol

Given I know people who are still rockin a GTX 960 like I did back in 2018/2019 yeahhhh

Needless to say they generally play with the vast majority of avatars hidden.

I remember I got to play VRChat on my old desktop even though it had 32GB of RAM it was still able to run well even with a GTX 750 Ti it had. The GeForce MX550 I have in my laptop is very similar to it but it somehow still works well to this day even though it’d be unsupported.