Inquiry regarding the compatibility of RTX Remix with VRChat's Terms of Service

I am writing to inquire about the use of RTX Remix with VRChat, as I am eager to ensure that my activities remain in compliance with the platform’s Terms of Service.

Recently, I have been enjoying the new RTX Remix software, which allows me to enhance various games with features such as DLSS and Path Tracing. Before proceeding with its application to VRChat, I wish to seek clarification on whether this would be considered a violation of the platform’s rules, given that it requires the installation of DLL files in the game directory.

I understand that RTX Remix primarily modifies the local rendering pipeline, and as such, it does not appear to be harmful or malicious in nature. Nonetheless, I greatly value your guidance on this matter, as it is important to me to respect the guidelines set forth by VRChat.

Link regarding RTX Remix’s Release:

That says it injects into DX 8 or 9.

I suspect that VRChat uses a newer version of DirectX and also EAC wouldn’t be happy

DX9 was long, long ago deprecated by Unity. VRChat would most likely be using DX11/12/Vulkan.