Inquiry about VIP Area for Patrons

I am planning to create a new Chill World in VRChat and I would like to include a VIP area (a luxurious bar) that is accessible only to patrons. Is it allowed for world creators to receive compensation from patrons through external sites such as Patreon? Additionally, do I need to apply for any specific permissions within VRChat for this purpose? Thank you very much for your assistance. I look forward to your guidance on this matter.

Hi, today i believe you are allowed to create specific perks and features based on patreon and such. The other solution is using the creator economy but it’s not available to everyone yet.

Right now the way to do would be to update a public text file and read it with UDON and String Loader components to see if the user has access to the patreon tier. That’s how most worlds works nowdays.