Trusted User

I am Ph.D. student, and I plan to implement a world in which users are asked to select avatars to enter the world. To do that, I need to be a trusted user. Is there any way that I can be a trusted user sooner? I don’t have too much time to play VRchat.

I don’t think there is an easy way to get what others have been getting for a long period of time and activity. Besides, if everyone can get it like that, then there will be no sense in it.

Trusted are you sure? I thought it was

Visitor - New User - User - Known User - Trusted User

And that you need to be “user” to create public worlds. So I’m curious what you think being trusted brings to the table.

If you’re doing testing where people are opting in to testing you can create private world at “new user” and just send people an invite link

I am a “user,” and I made my world. But for my research, I need people to choose their avatars from the avatars list that I am suggesting. To letting change the avatar in the world, I get an error that I should be a trusted user to be able to do that.