"initializing world" screen pops up DURING gameplay and wont go away

This happens way too often and I have no idea what the cause is. Ever since the devs added additional loading screens, I keep getting this error where they manifest for no reason after everything has already BEEN loaded for several minutes. I can still hear the people in the world, but my sight is obscured by a permanant loading screen.

honestly i think it would be better to get rid of all loading screens and replace them with a counter in the corner of the screen, just like in CVR

Sounds like a neat error, hope to see video on the feedback site.

From an armchair development point of view, you’d want to fix the problem before changing anything nearby for ascetic reasons.

whats the link to the feedback site?

same problem……It is breaking my game experience

usually happens while it is loading other player’s avatars

knew there had to be more people with this issue. I added a thread on feedback too btw