Hii im not able to see the upload "UI" where it allows you to upload to experimental worlds?

I have just finished making my world but after uploading it to VRchat i realised that it cant be joined since it needs to go through a “process” = experimental i went back to Unity reuploaded it and it didnt show the “UI” any solutons? :I

I’m not a world dev, but i think i remember that if you want you world to be listed, it first has to go through the community lab section first, you can do so by selecting the option when you upload the world. After a bit of time, your world will be fully listed.

Our docs are a bit out of date, but you have to submit your world to Community Labs first!

Once the world has gotten enough visits and activity that we’re pretty sure it isn’t a troll world, it’ll get promoted to Public automatically.