Help! There is no pop-up to upload to community lab when I upload my world

Hello, I need to your help to solve my problem.
My problem is there is no way to upload to community lab for my world build.

The manual said, whenever “build & upload” the world through SDK in Unity, the “you wanna upload to community lab?” window pop-up. But I’ve never seen it.

I want to my world public, but I don’t know how solving this problem.

Like you saw, my SDK said to me, I allowed to publish worlds. But I build a private world only. Would you help me?

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To be able to upload your world, you need to go to the builder tab of the sdk.

You also need to have a world descriptor on one of the objects of the scene for it to be considered as a world.
Then before uploading, you will have the community lab checkbox available.

Hope it helps, else if you can provide screenshots of your whole editor and maybe the console, as you may have an error somewhere.

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If you have a chance link the page you’re looking at. The SDK was substantially changed awhile back.

I have a privately uploaded world and on the website I can submit it to labs. So just upload it.

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Thank you so much!

This is Inspector of “VRCWorld” of my world. There is VRC Scene Descriptor already. Is it what you said? Then, it isn’t work. ;) …

All right. Can you share as well what you see on the builder tab of the sdk? And tell us what version you use.

Here is my builder tab. I use “Unity 2022.3.6f1” & VRChat SDK 3.5.0

Yeah, as said @docteh you probably already uploaded a version of it, so the push to labs isn’t listed (I don’t upload much worlds myself)

Go to the vrchat website, find your world and you should have a button to push it to the labs.

I really want to… but there is no push button on the website. ㅠ-ㅠ

Maybe you uploaded a world in labs in the past 7 days. If you can check the list on the docs here and ensure all is good. Else I won’t be able to help more. I have no idea. Sorry

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Thank you. You are really help me. :)
Thanks a lot! Have a nice day!