Group banner images not showing up bellow nameplates

I’ve been having an issue the past few days where I suddenly cannot get the images for groups to load above nameplates. I can see the name and tag but bellow is just a blank space no matter the group. I’ve made sure that the option is enabled and tried toggling it and clearing my cache just in case but no change in the issue. If anyone has found a fix some help would be great.

Open your radial menu by holding the QM button (R key if on desktop) then navigate to Options > Nameplates > Opacity and making sure opacity isn’t set to 0%.

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Thanks that did seem to be the issue! I thought it seemed odd because it was never an issue before.

Yeah, this is a known issue. Make sure to upvote the canny!

“Group banner should be visible with 0% nameplate opacity just like icon”