VRChat group banner

is there a dimension pattern for the Group banner? i see that the tag gets cut in half when displayed on top of the name

i expect something like this

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hello if it’s not too late then you can use standard banner for this

you can see how it will looks at the website but i dont think you can predict how it will look at the nameplates. It’s depends on width of the nickname

Oh look at this

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thank you so much

i tried it, it doesn’t match with the lines, it’s not a real guide from vrchat…

From a user perspective it seems like it’s quite inexact science, relating to lengths of names. So might be best to only befriend fellow three letter players. Maybe five is fine

I would like to see the template you come up with and compare

3 letter players are no longer a thing, i think i’m the last one
you can’t create a name that short anymore