My Groups dont show at all! it shows the last user you checked profile's groups

Hiya! My Bug is a little weird and this is the first time ive seen this kind of bug.

Recently, my groups have not been showing to others or sometimes wont even open up for me, it shows me a completely different group that im not in. mainly when i check my own profile it says im representing “Flight is a cool name”

other people have been confused with my account when they go look up the groups im in, thinking i have the same groups with another player. Last night someone thought I was part of a group based in Oregon (i dont live there nor am i in the group) because they looked at someone else’s profile and groups, they thought i was in there cause thats whats being shown on their screens looking at my profile. I wanna show the groups im in to other people at times or to not make any more mistakes in showing first impressions with looking at groups.

TL:DR Groups bugged, Shows Im in the same groups as another person instead of my own.

Please help if anyone else had a problem with this!! thank you :3