Cant invite someone to my group!

So i have a rule for my group and if its not followed when you request to join youll be denied
Recently i had denied someone and told them why so they went and changed what was required and i was like ok let me send you an invite

The invite was denied and said the user had been previously blocked [denied cant quite remeber]
I went thru all the settings and found nothing about a list or anything like that so that they could join

I only havr 200ish members and they are in like 10 groups so im not sure why its not working

Ive denied people before and then resent invites after they complied with the rule so like is this a glitch?


Do groups have a block list? You might have to dig around a little to find a block list for the group and to scroll through that list and remove them.

I have seen a feedback request on groups asking for those lists to be searchable. So I assume that means finding people is a pain right now.