FBT putting trackers under the floor

My main avatar has a weird issue where whenever I’m wearing it, VRChat sees my floor as being a bit below the actual floor, so my feet trackers don’t track quite right (they pivot around a point several inches below my actual feet) and things get especially weird if I sit on the floor, and it also makes it so if I sit on a chair my avatar’s knees end up much higher than they should be. In this situation, my Index controllers will also appear to go under the floor.

My “user real height” is set correctly and the avatar’s armature has the same proportions and layout as another avatar which tracks correctly, and also the same overall proportions as my physical body. I’ve also tried using OVRAS to apply a vertical offset to my playspace but that only makes the problem even worse.

Has anyone run into this issue and has figured out a way to fix it? Or at least any pointers for what I should be looking at?

Is this like quest headset with SteamVR index controllers and trackers? I’ve seen some fbt users with steam VR trackers just use the play space moving in ovr. In the floor? They just pull themselves out. Floating too high? They usually don’t fix that.

Ovr advance tools? I think that’s the tool with play space movement

Nope, I’m using all SteamVR-native stuff (Bigscreen Beyond + Index controllers + Tundra trackers).

I did notice that there was a slight irregularity with the armature for the feet that could have been confusing things, but I haven’t had a chance to test my fix just yet.