Having FBT issues with the 2022.2.1 "IK 2.0" update?

Having some issues with FBT in our latest update? Generally speaking, most standard setups are working great, but you might have some configuration or use cases that might need adjustment.

Ensure your “User Height” setting in the VRChat settings is set to your actual height.

This is very important for this release! Don’t lie about your height because you’re trying to adjust your avatar to fit yourself better. In order for calibration to work properly you must have your correct height set up.

If you feel like your legs aren’t matching up right (you’re on “stilts”), don’t adjust your height to compensate. Try swapping your “Avatar Measurement” to avatar height instead of arm width in the FBT settings section in your quick menu, under the “gear” tab. There are also new advanced ways to adjust scaling with launch options (see our official docs). It’s important to understand that even though you may have felt the need to mess around with User Real Height before, there are new alternatives for that and you must set your accurate height.

My legs/hip isn’t tracking properly after calibration!

If you’re having problems with your hip tracker, or your hip seems surprisingly unexpressive but your feet are fine, you can also try adjusting your calibration range. This is done via a “launch option”, which you can set in Steam via the VRChat properties. The default is --calibration-range="0.6" . You can try increasing it to --calibration-range="1.0".

Be careful with this adjustment! If your feet are misaligned due to an incorrectly-set User Real Height, there will likely be other issues in the future if you fix it via a calibration-range change.

Don’t forget to remove the launch option if it doesn’t help.

I can’t select avatars / I can’t calibrate at all!

This is caused by TOS-breaking “client mods”. See this help post and follow the instructions precisely, especially the part about deleting non-VRChat files.

Modifications to VRChat will cause major issues with our systems in addition to being a violation of our Terms of Service. We cannot provide support to users using unauthorized software. Please do not use client modifications. All of them are against the rules and all of them will cause problems when we update VRChat.

I’m using a “hybrid” FBT setup, and something’s wrong!

We don’t officially support these setups.

Currently, anything reporting to SteamVR with the tracked device class of “GenericTracker” will be recognized. Trackers that don’t do this will not work!

For example, if you’re using emulated tracker software or something else that hands the device over to SteamVR as a GenericTracker, it should work.

If you’re trying to use tracked objects with the “Controller” TrackedDeviceClass it may not work.

If you’ve lost a use case due to this, please make a post on the IK 2.0 Feedback board with exact details of your tracker and VR setup.

I’m still having problems despite all of this!

You have a few options:

  1. Make a post in this forum! We’ll try our best to help you.
  2. Contact our Support team. They can help you out in a lot of cases.
  3. Post a bug report on the IK 2.0 Feedback board! You should only do this if you have a reproducible bug and you can document it clearly.
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