Avatars in ceiling and floor

When I play on desktop, desktop players see my avatar on the floor while quest players see my avatar in the ground.
When I play on quest, quest players see my avatar on the floor while desktop players see my avatar above the ground.



So where do you see yourself? Camera or personal mirror would be used to check that.

Seems odd that the other platform has you properly on the ground

I see myself normally in all circumstances

Between the Quest and PC versions, maybe check the coordinates of the main avatar object, and then also see if the Armature has anything different in the Transform section. See as in look at the numbers, don’t just try blindly setting everything to be the same on both, wont work.

I’ve checked origins on FBX and import and transforms on components but dont see anything obvious. Could you be more specific?


Can you check that the position in unity is at the right height as well? I believe this has to do with the position of the avatar object that has to be at y 0 and you have to move the hips to be change the position relatively to the floor.