Exclude face tracking parameters from the count

Please consider to edit the SDK to ignore the parameters used by the face tracking / integrate the face tracking parameters used by Vrcft with the UE template in the game itself…
Any complex avatar will use many parameters, even more than 100+
To setup face tracking on an avatar we have to use a vrcfury prefab that will also use 161 parameters to “move/manipulate” the 100+ shapekeys/blendshapes on the face of the avi.
There are plenty of creators making custom faces or adding the face tracking to existing avatars or model bases, but any avatar like my custom main had to pass tru a long process of removing a ton of things, and im using an avatar with merged materials / textures so certain outfits were in the same material with uv tile discard… i cant even add a dumb toggle right now that im always at 256/256 parameters.
I know native face tracking cant exist as eye tracking does… but at least IGNORE the parameters used by the most used face tracking “prefab”
Vrcft does not add polygons or complex bones or something that i could say “makes perfect sense to count this parameters like the others”
the face muscles are a lot, the parameters to control these are a lot too, this is the issue.
Kind Regards, Kaira the whining person.


To be honest, that would feel like a bypass on performance requirements for a specific use case that, even tho it’s so cool, is very niche.
Don’t know if that would feel fair in my opinion.

With how it works increasing the limit might be possible, but ignoring it is not.

256 bits are allocated towards avatar parameters that update every so often. There is only so much room in the data packet.

Maybe they could add some avatar parameters that are updated less often for clothes toggles

Agreed. The face tracking prefab I use uses 162 bits. Another 8 bits is used for the built in gesture expressions system.

I completely understand why we can’t have more synced parameters updating at 20 hz.

But I’d really appreciate another 64 bits that update at 1hz or 0.5 hz for toggles.