Documenting Event Attendance

Hey folks! Is it against VRChat ToS to document and log Group Members attendance of an Event?

Will not respond for tos, even tho I believe nothing forbids what you ask.

You can ask yourself about GDPR for EU citizens, where you are supposed to gather consent about making such list and justify the use of it.

But let’s be real, except you are doing a professional event with thousands of people, I guess no one will care.

My own opinion.

The LPD does this to some extent in their Discord server. Their bot keeps track of who is in a voice channel, and logs the time you where in an event.

Well yeah that’s the thing, based on what I read we would be covered for EU as long as we disclaim that we are logging the attendance and how exactly that is being used. That should cover consent and the Legitimate Interest. I mean this would be for a company that hosts events for roughly 50-100 people per event.

Ultimately I need an answer in regards to ToS though.

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Yeah but that’s not information collected through VRC, we also don’t have our members join Discord VC for most Events. Only the ones where it is easier to pass along instructions to the participants that way.

The users who were present in a given instance can already be inferred from the VRC client log file

Did not know that. Where does that file usually live on the file path?

In here
Note that if you’re on Quest, you have to manually enable the logs every time you start the client.