ToS and Privacy Policy elaboration?

According to the ToS:

When you launch VRChat, the Anti-Cheat Measures may monitor your gameplay and device’s RAM, processes, communications, and file storage for purposes of detecting violations of, and enforcing, this TOS, including but not limited to the use of “modified clients” (“Mods”) to participate in Prohibited Conduct as defined in this Section

Is there an elaboration on what specific data VR Chat is able to collect via EAC? What are the limits? Because at least within the context of what is said here, it is saying that VRChat will be able to collect information about pretty much anything that exists within memory, the file system, or even audio and video devices (communications).

I ask this because as far as I gathered from EAC’s ToS, it relies on games’ ToS to explain how the anti-cheat is used and what sort of data it collects. Which also, this makes me interested in how VRChat is complying with GDPR by using EAC. Is there any info on that?

To expand, the Privacy Policy also doesn’t really elaborate on what sort of data is collected via EAC, meanwhile other aspects of the ToS and Privacy Policy just before this went into much more detail about things like IP addresses and other PII.

We aim to provide users with a positive user experience on the Platform by minimizing abuse of VRChat or other users on the Platform. We strictly enforce prohibitions against cheating, hacking, account stealing and any other unauthorized or fraudulent activity on the Platform. We use a variety of anti-cheat and fraud prevention technologies to help us identify and prevent malicious activity. These services may collect and analyze data about your computer and the software on your computer to detect cheating and misuse of the Platform. For example, these services may monitor your gameplay and device’s RAM, processes, communications, and file storage and otherwise detect the use of “modified clients.” One such service we use is Easy Anti-Cheat from Epic Games, Inc.