Cannot run other programs while VRChat is running

While VRChat is running, I cannot run most of my other apps.
I didn’t play in a week, and today I get this issue.

Sorry if the screenshots are in French
Brave Browser: image

Task Manager: image
Cannot find ImageList_CoCreateInstance entry point in the DLL Taskmgr.exe

Control Panel:

CrystalDiskInfo: image
Cannot access the peripheral
D: is the same drive that has Steam, SteamVR and VRChat. I can access it via the explorer.

Edit: the issue seems to be coming from EAC
Lauching the game without it does not create all of these problems
I also notice that ALL permissions are broken. In a CMD with admin privileges opened before VRC, I almost cannot run any command.
sadly EAC does not accept tickets so I don’t know what to do.
I tried reinstalling EAC_EOS (from the .exe and removing the files manually) and VRC (which also reinstalled EAC, so I technicavlly did it twice), but nothing changed.

I know we can blame EAC for a lot of things, but having your whole system explode when VRChat is running seem suprising. Does this behavior apear for other vr games ?
Maybe it is when you start vr, or maybe your windows installation is partially corrupted.

It does not happen with other VR games, but it does with every games that uses EAC EOS.
I think that games using regular EAC works fine, but I cannot try right now.
Also, as I said, when I launch VRC without EAC (through Unity with the SDK installed from VRCCC) I do not have these issues.

I know just enough about windows that honestly if I was looking at that, I’d go buy a new ssd, create a windows installer using someone else’s PC, and install windows into the new ssd.

Is EAC itself causing this or is the combination of EAC and something else nefarious causing this? That would be my worry.

I can’t really to that, but I’m gonna try running the game on the school laptop, which has was less of my stuff, and maybe on one of my friends’ if I can. I’ll update when done


I got to fix my issues by running a scan using KVRT, and removing a certain “C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Edge\updater.exe” that Malwarebytes could not remove, while it was still being detected each time.

Now I want to know where and how I can appeal for my ban ?
As I guess it is related to what happened, and that it probably caused issues with EAC and got me flagged.