A question about easy anti cheat

It’s no secret the EAC update is hated by practically the entire community.

And so i’m here asking why, VRChat team have given literally no reason why they are so gung ho on this update, they have basically said “it’s staying sooooooooorry!!!” in a really backhanded way.

the QOL update was pure damage control, implementing things that should have been in the game years ago.

This doesn’t explain why EAC is staying.

literally any explanation whatsoever.

at this point even “haha we want it” would be an acceptable answer aside from just radio silence.

The reason clearly isn’t the security reason, if they cared about anti cheat, custom clients etc they wouldn’t use EAC, EAC is incredibly easy to disable and get around, this update does nothing but screw over linux users, gives the finger to deaf players and destroys performance for everyone.

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Just making sure, but, did you actually read the blog posts?


The answer is actually pretty clear, it IS security.
Yes, EAC isn’t the best anti-cheat out there, no anti-cheat is perfect after all.
But it raises the bar of modifying the client from non-existent to actually having to put in some effort. (Which will ultimately be patched again and again and again)

People have made comparisons of how EAC works in Fortnite, but you have to realize that Fortnite has a LOT more players, and thus a lot more people trying to break EAC.

Each EAC implementation will be different for each game after all. And in terms of performance hits I haven’t noticed any performance difference at all with EAC and without. And I’ve been in worlds where that performance reason would be noticeable straight away.

Do I agree with the way the VRC team is handling the situation? No, not really. But I understand that they’re still a relatively small team and they can’t handle the massive pile of trust & safety reports without raising the bar of doing this kind of obnoxious stuff.

I read the post and I respectfully disagree with your post.

The issue isn’t “no anti cheat is perfect” the issue is that easy anti cheat is awful and doesn’t actually do anything.

like I could literally turn it off load up my modded client then play like it’s not there without issue.

Furthermore, the apost “addressing your feedback” does not “address the feedback” it ignores all comments about EAC and still gives the finger to the deaf community.

all of the things they added via that post have nothing to do with the deaf community just the most baseline issues people had, all QOL thing sthat should hve have been in the game forever.

This entire situation has destroyed the trust me and many others have for VRC as a company and their lack of transparency in this situation is awful.