Developer Update - 8 August 2022

Hello! Welcome to the latest VRChat Developer Update. Here’s what we were up to today.

Check out our Dev Update from Friday for some context.

The features described below may not be released yet unless otherwise noted, and may change before they become available to users.

Quick Recap

2022.2.2p2 Released

On Friday, we released 2022.2.2p2 on all platforms – this contained Horizon Adjust, Personal Mirror, Movable Main Menu, and a few other additional features.

2022.2.2p2b Released

This was a Steam only build released earlier today. This build is network-compatible, and is only for Steam. We pushed this out quickly to fix a bug with Build and Test.

2022.2.2p3 is in Live Beta!

On Friday, we also pushed our a new Live Beta update. Much like the last Live Beta, there’s a lot of stuff in it! If you’d like to see a full list, you can check out the documentation here.

Features in Progress

Mondays tend to be a lot of organization, catching-up, and planning for us. As such, this Dev update might seem shorter than other days of the week. Once we move to weekly updates this will be less apparent.


We’ve received a lot of positive feedback over the weekend regarding Earmuffs!

One common piece of feedback we’ve received is that people want to let others know that they’re using Earmuffs. We’re not sure if this is something we’d like to do, but we’re currently considering it. If we followed through with this, it’d likely be via a nameplate icon.

There’s been some community discussion we’re monitoring regarding world interaction with earmuffs. We’re keeping an eye on this discussion. As it stands, we’re happy with the core Earmuff functionality and implementation, but are still observing creator feedback.

Outside of that, a few bugs were squashed today, mostly around Earmuffs activating when it shouldn’t and the “dome” appearing on loading screens.

This feature is still being polished.

Gesture Indicator Icons

We got some feedback that the Gesture HUD Indicator icons were too opaque, needed to fade out, and needed some art updates. We’ve addressed the first two with some changes, and we’ll swap up the art later on.

Here’s how they look in the latest internal build:

More Favorites

We know you’ve been asking about this one!

As we mentioned before, this is a bit more complicated than it seems. However, we’ve gotten most of that out of the way.

More favorites has been merged into our main branch, and we’re doing integration testing. We expect to get more favorites into a Live Beta build soon.

Even More Personal Mirror Tweaks

Pickups are back! Based on feedback, some people prefer the regular pickup system for moving things around. The new system is also still available under a new “Immersive Move” toggle.

We’ve also implemented a new mirror resizing system. Mirror resizing is now done with an axis puppet control, which you are probably familiar with from the expression controls. You can now also scale height and width independently.

Finally, face mirror controls! You are now able to set its opacity, and you can also reposition it on your HUD for more comfortable viewing.

These adjustments are all on their way into the main branch, so they could show up in the next Live Beta update.

Camera Stuff

There’s lots of camera development going on!

Camera Resolution Selector

As a reminder, this will let you choose which resolution you can set your camera to within VRChat. It’ll have a max of 8K resolution on PC, and 4K on Quest.

This task got some testing, but had to head back to dev because QA flagged some issues.

Camera Smart Rotation

Simply put, this outputs portrait images if you hold the camera in portrait mode.

This got merged in, so it should be in the next Live Beta release.

Other Camera Feature Requests

We’ve also gotten a ton of feedback regarding the camera. Many features have been requested, such as building keyframed camera tracks in worlds, better camera scaling and grabbing mechanics, the ability to use the camera in desktop mode, and many more.

We’ve documented these requests. Some of them are larger in scope, and some are easy. The bigger ones may change the camera’s design. As such, we have to carefully assess changes.

In other words: we hear you! It’s just… wow, a lot of camera stuff. Some of these requests may need to be addressed in different ways, or put away for a bigger update later, but we see the reasoning behind these requests.

Text Chatbox

This feature went into QA, and came back from testing with a lot of feedback and issue flags.

There’s significant issues with displaying certain characters. There’s also issues with UI, where you can break the chatbox fairly easily. There was additional feedback on chat display duration, content filtering, text placement, and more. Basically, lots of work to do!

Considering that this is an entirely new way of communicating in VRChat, we want to ensure we get it right. With features this impactful, it is important that we’re picky.

This task is currently in iteration.

Near Clip Bugs

There’s a bug where we use the wrong value for Near Clip when a reference camera isn’t defined. That’s fixed internally.

There’s another larger bug where we’re seeing UI interaction have issues when NearClip is very low, and the user is far from origin. This is a tougher bug, we’re looking into workarounds.

Unmute Sound

This is a fairly small but common accessibility request: we’ve got a sound that plays when you mute your mic, but users ask for a sound that plays when you unmute your microphone.

This task is straightforward! It’s been assigned and we’re iterating on the sound design right now.

Bug Fixes

In 2022.2.2p2, we implemented a fix for instance joining when the target instance was full.

This bug was fixed, but we’ve seen some other bugs appear with instance joins, in particular with failing to join instances you should normally be able to get into.

These types of bugs were expected with the release of Secure Instances. That said, it doesn’t make it any less of a priority!

We’re working on tracking down these issues and will continue to address them.


That’s it for today! As noted before, Mondays tend to be heavier on the organizational side of things. We usually use it for lots of meetings, planning, that kind of thing. As such, this post is a little shorter.

See you tomorrow!


Good update. Please consider adding viewpoint scaling to the list of possible things to look into


I’m very excited for face mirror to become an official feature! However, I think displaying only the face is a mistake. As a full body user, I like to be able to confirm my posture and make sure none of my tracking points have lost tracking and started flying.

For this I use the tool SelfViewMonitor, a in-avatar tool with very similar results to the face camera being developed. If the face camera where extended to be able to show the entire body, this would replace this tool for me, but without it I will still rely on SelfViewMonitor


Any updates regarding the colorblind options? It’s been a few updates since they were mentioned.


Damn just turned off the gesture indicators for being too intrusive but thas fixed now x3


very much this!!! T-T

please please implement it!!!


When it comes to the textbox, I feel like the keyboard would need touch ups for it to be really useful.
But, just being able to use both controllers to type would greatly increase the efficiency at typing.

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Updates to the sdk and the horrid limit on quest avis physbone and mb wise would be so amazing! Honestly id have no qualms if that was increased…


This, something like 0.1 to 10x size would be ok.


Really nice to see an unmute sound coming along, it’s not something I’ve personally ever really thought about. But it’s definitely a no-brainer.


Thank u for the updates. I really want to now If u guys are thinking on adding viewpoint scaling. It’s a really nice feature and It also helps so I don’t have to upload he same avatar 3 times or more


such like the scale goes brr mod that allowed the ability for the viewpoint to be connected to the headbone so when you changed a scale such with a toggle your viewpoint will shift with your head so you can actually see and the IK/fbt worked properly. I will also love to see that in game because it was a mod that I used a lot because I don’t like to upload several avatars and different scales.


Love the improvements being made to the personal mirror! Feels very intuitive to use now. ^^

While we’re on the subject of accessibility and you mentioned in the dev post of adding a SFX for unmuting. A couple of friends and I who deal with ADHD wanted to see about adding a SFX for whenever you receive any kind of notification in VRChat as that would help out a lot.


Will avatar scaling be fixed?


use the personal mirror?

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Tupper, as someone who used emmvrc in the past as a way to search for avatars, and for people who just want to make avatars public for only their friends to use, what safegaurds are being considered as options for making avatars public and searchable? and how will the avatar search function?


Mate… Personal Mirror is literally a thing they are developing.


I much prefer the mirror that I can grab with a hand out (on desktop) by left clicking my mouse and letting go by right clicking my mouse. Also don’t like the auto center when I grab the mirror. I liked it better when it stayed where it was when I grabbed it as I often want my reflection over to one side as I move around carrying the mirror. My reflection is in the way in the middle when I am running. Also having my hand out on my avatar when grabbing the mirror lets me do things I normally can’t in desktop like headpats and use puppet avatars that would just look at the floor otherwise.

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The game is becoming much better and I love it even more and I was wondering if you guys was gonna try to add avatar search for quest users for some avatars that aren’t in worlds. I’m also wondering if you guys could add like a clock or something like that so you don’t have to go into afk mode or look for a device irl since for some quest users for after being on for a bit opening the afk menu could crash the entire quest and need to restart the vr. (If you don’t mind send me a message if your adding any of these or plan to try or what)


I would like to have focus brought onto avatar search if they are doing more favorites since some avatars are only available through pure luck of someone wearing them, whereas EMM made finding those avatars much easier initially with their avatar search function.

In addition, optional pronoun and age boxes in the profile would be nice. I would like to know what my friends prefer to be called, and knowing ages is good for keeping to preferred age groups. (such as sticking closer to people my own age)

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