Developer Update - 5 August 2022

Hello! Welcome to the latest VRChat Developer Update for August 5, 2022.

If you’d like, you can check out yesterday’s Dev Update here.

The features described below may not be released yet unless otherwise noted, and may change before they become available to users.

2022.2.2p2 Release

We’ve made some fixes to the 2022.2.2p2 verison of VRChat and released it! It’s out NOW! You can check out the patch notes here.

That means Horizon Adjust, Personal Mirror, Movable Main Menu, and more are all available in VRChat, on all platforms, right now.

Let’s go back and talk about what these features are. If you’ve been keeping up with these posts, this will all look pretty familiar!

All of the features in this update are on Quest and PC. All of the features in this update are free, and none of them require VRChat Plus.

Movable Main Menu

This feature allows you to move around the Main Menu!

After opening the Main menu, hover around beneath the menu to find the handle. Grab on with the Grip button, and you can move it around.

Also, you can find an option in the Quick Menu to change where the Main Menu opens up – either directly in front of you, or in the old orientation.

Horizon Adjust

This feature lets you change your “horizon” such that you can use VRChat completely while in bed or lying down.

It works in both standing/sitting 3-point tracking modes, as well as with full body tracking. It’s worth noting that behavior while calibrating in full body tracking can be a little strange, and it’s possible that some setups might experience some strangeness.

If you’re having difficulty calibrating while your horizon is adjusted, try to make sure that you’re lying down completely flat.

As a warning, this mode can be disorienting – use it with care!

Dedicated Copy/Paste Buttons

This feature adds copy and paste buttons to the VRChat keyboard – and makes the keyboard appear when you click inside a VRCInput field! This makes it very easy to paste video URLs into video players.

Personal Mirror

This feature allows you to spawn a local-only mirror that you can grab, move around, resize, adjust transparency, and more! Find it in your Action Menu.

We’ve got more improvements to the personal mirror on the way – in fact, some of the improvements are available in the Live Beta we’re also putting out!

Custom Home Instance Type

Some users want to load into a different instance type other than Invite.

So, now you can set your Home world to be any instance type – Invite, Invite+, Friends, Friends+ and even Public.

You can adjust this in your Quick Menu.

Additionally, we decided to add an option when you click “Go Home” that allows you to return to the default VRChat home world. Likewise, if your home world fails to load, you’ll also be sent to the default VRChat home world.

Portal Prompt

With this option on, walking into a portal isn’t enough to go through it – you have to confirm it with a trigger pull or a click.

Camera Lag Fix

Pretty simple – we moved camera saving off-thread, so it should hitch less when you take a screenshot.

This is somewhat hardware and scenario dependent, though. In very busy scenarios with high resolution set in the config file (rez buttons coming soon!), it may still hitch a bit, but far less than it used to.

Disable Cloning on Instance Change

Enabling this option will turn off Cloning any time you enter a new instance, in case you forgot to turn it off in the previous instance.

Particle Limiter Toggle

This feature simply allows you to turn on and off the Particle Limits System.

Toggling this limiter will reload everyone’s avatars to enforce the limits.

Gesture Indicators on HUD

This is a feature where you can turn on a HUD element that shows the current Gesture in use on your controllers.

You can turn it on in your Quick Menu.

This currently only works in VR mode, but we’ll add in desktop functionality in a later patch.

Improved Movement When Looking Up

Previously, when you looked directly up, your locomotion (movement with the joystick) would get weird and hard to control. This happened a lot with people lying down.

We made some changes to how we calculate your forward vector, so movement should feel a lot better in those situations!


We fixed a few bugs in this release – namely one that affected people trying to join full instances.

2022.2.2p3 now in Live Beta

We’ve ALSO got an updated Beta out that you can try out with a bunch of new features. This Beta build contains everything from the last one, plus the features described below.

VRChat 2022.2.2p3 is now in Live Beta, and is built on top of 2022.2.2p2. It has even more features that are in development!

You can check out what’s in it by going here. Just like last time, join our Discord and check out the #open-beta-info and #open-beta-announcements channels to learn how to access the Beta.

This beta works with Live. You’ll be able to hang out during the weekend with your friends and try out these new features.

As was the case last Friday, we’ve prioritized speed over everything else. That means that some features may be in need of further polish (or might be buggy). Make sure you provide feedback via our Feedback forum.

You can access the vast majority of the new features via the Quick Menu’s “gear” tab on the far right.


This feature lets you turn down other people around you based on their distance from you.

When your Earmuffs are on, a circle appears around you (representing a sphere) that can be adjusted through the Quick Menu. Anyone outside that range will have their voice turned down to the Reduced Volume level you define, allowing you to “focus in” on the conversation near to you. You can adjust that range as you see fit, and you can adjust how quickly people’s voices fall to that Reduced Volume level with the falloff slider.

We tried this feature out in a few crowded instances last night and it was pretty amazing. Try turning the Reduced Volume down to 20-50%, and adjusting your range and falloff a bit. It helps a LOT with party environments where there’s tons of voices going!

When this is on, a big red bar appears on your Quick Menu so you don’t forget about it. If you click the red bar, you’ll be able to turn it off.

Microphone Noise Gate + Noise Supression

This feature allows you to adjust the sensitivity of your microphone, as well as enable background noise cancellation!

Both features will help prevent things like heavy breathing, sniffling or other background noises from being broadcast to all your friends. Noise cancellation is especially useful for those with air conditioners or fans in the room with them.

For the sensitivity selector, the default value (5%) should be good enough for most users, but if you play VRChat in a noisy environment, it might be worth cranking it up a bit. If your friends start to say you’re cutting in and out while talking, that’s a pretty good sign you need to bring the slider back closer to default. Try playing around with it!

Open up the Audio tab in your Quick Menu, and scroll down to your Microphone. You can adjust your sensitivity with the slider, and turn on and off the noise cancellation with the waveform symbol.

Camera Near-Clip Adjustment

This feature allows you to reduce the “near clip” plane of your view!

If you don’t know, a camera has many properties that define how its view looks. One of its properties is the “near clip” and “far clip” plane. To put it simply, these are the distances at which things start rendering (near clip) and when they stop (far clip). You can only see objects that are in between these two distances.

When you want to look at something especially closely or when you are especially small, having a small “near clip” can be adventageous, as it lets you see things properly. However, dropping it too low will cause problems in worlds where the “far clip” is set very far, because you’re reducing the precision of depth available to the camera.

If this sounds complicated, here’s a super short version: this feature allows really small avatars to see their own arms, instead of looking like you start at your wrists.

Check out the new options in the Quick Menu for Near-Clip adjustment. We recommend using Dynamic mode, which tries to pull in the Near-Clip as close as possible without breaking too many things.

There’s also Forced mode, which ignores the world completely. There’s a warning when you enable Forced mode, because it will override the world no matter what – and the world might have a good reason to have its settings the way it is.

Hide Avatar by Distance

This feature lets you turn off avatars that are X meters away from you, or only allow the X closest avatars to show. You can tell the system to let Friends and “Shown” avatars through anyway.

We got a lot of feedback yesterday that people don’t want to have to worry about write defaults and avatars breaking with this system.

We’re doing a lot of research to look into impact and workarounds. The issue is that we don’t want to sacrifice performance, which is primarily what this feature is for.

As for some examples: fully unloading and reloading/reinitializing the avatar is really heavy. We can’t do that. Stopping the animator isn’t good either, as we could run into issues. Can’t hide renderers easily, as we’d have to fight with animators for control – setting something every frame, which could be bad for performance.

As you can see, this could get pretty in-depth quickly. We’re looking into it.

Regardless, we want you to test the feature out! If you see weird behavior with avatar animations, let us know.

Personal Mirror Updates

We’ve been playing around with a lot of different methods for moving the personal mirror around. We’ve provided both movement modes, where “Grab” mode is a bit like XSOverlay. There’s no visual feedback yet though, that’s missing.

We’re also coming up with a new system for scale using puppet menus, rather than radials. These work on Desktop, too! If you’ve got one of those fancy mice with the scroll clutch, grab the mirror and spin your mousewheel to send it into space. :astronaut:

We’re going to continue to polish this feature until we’re happy with it, but the way it works in the Beta is pretty good. Try it out.

Copy and Paste on Keyboard

Easy! Copy button and paste button on keyboard. Also, when you click on text fields in VRChat, you’ll get a keyboard pop up.

Other Features We’re Workin’ On

Of course, there’s other stuff that hasn’t made it into a Beta yet that we’re going to move onto next, or are in progress.

Personal Mirror Updates… Updates

The face mirror has a few issues and needs a bit more polish.

It needs to get flipped around so it isn’t inverted. Likewise, as we mention above, there are a few more tweaks that need to be done to give the mirror a bit more feedback when you interact with it.

Text-to-Text Chatbox

Unfortunately, due to a pretty significant bug we ran into with this feature, we weren’t able to get this into the new Live Beta.

Development continues! Most of the time today was spent on figuring out said bug.

Onscreen Gesture Indicators

It was noted to us that these aren’t available on Desktop. Whoops!

If it’s easy we’ll loop around and add them for next time, but if we have to do some rewiring this might have to wait.


One thing we’re seeing that might be an issue is that others don’t know you’ve got earmuffs on. We’re considering adding an indicator of some kind so other people know your settings are different from the world’s.


There’s a bunch of known issues and bugs we’re carrying forward with us. This is the cost of moving fast! We’re keeping track, triaging the really bad ones, and noting others for us toi handle later.


As you can probably tell, today was busy!

We pushed 2022.2.2p2 live, released a new Live Beta, and started work on a new round of features for next week. We’ll hopefully be able to talk about some of those incoming features on Monday.

Make sure you check out the Live Beta this weekend, and don’t forget to leave us feedback!


Keep up the good work


This is amazing, keep up the good work guys!!


I backtracked on the Discord chatlogs for VRChat and saw that you (Tupper) had addressed that avatar search is too difficult to implement as it would require its own servers and whatnot. At this point we have no real ways to browse avatars with the degree of accuracy that avatar search would offer. So, I hope at some point you will have (as a development team) the tools and resources to develop such a feature as it is perhaps the best feature out there (but it will need some refining to prevent bad actors from abusing it (e.g. NSFW (explicit) or NSFL (gore, illegal stuff))


I did not say that! Please try to be accurate when you’re quoting people.

We’re looking into avatar search. I want it too! It has some design issues and implications to how VRChat works at a social and creator level. Gotta consider those things too.


many people are still using an old pc with like an amd fx cpu or using realy old grafikcards or playn on the onboard grafikcard cuz they cant afford a good pc. is it possible that you could implement setting like how many cores of a cpu the game can use? or how much ram the game can use at max? and i would love to have an option were the viewpoint follows my avatar head when i change the size of the avatar. cuz i like to talk with people and look into there eyes but my friends are using avatars that have diferent sizes so its kinda hard for me to talk with em properly. so when i can change the size of my avatar without a problem then i would not to have to change into a different avatar when i wanna talk with them in same size. and yes i do hope that you read this full and understand what im tryn to say tupper. please get the good work up, im happy that you guys finally do so much for the comunity and maybe is it possible to hire good people that did make mods like anticrash? cuz even now im getting crashed in puplic/friends + worlds and i have my saftys on max so i dont see avatars from people that are not in my friends list. and yes i have a ryzen 5 5600X & rtx 3070 ti and vrc is on a m.2 ssd installed.
and to say or to explain a bit different: i wanna be able to scale my avatars bigger or smaller how ever i want. some of my friends dont have a vr to use a place space mover, so if they could scale the avatars then they dont need to upload the same avatar 5 times in 5 different sizes. its kinda fun to be small sometimes and when i wanna cuddle with my friends i wanna be able to adjust my avatar size properly so that i can cuddle with them in the avatar i like using at that moment.
i hope that this explains everything and that its not to much text. im sorry for every translation mistake i maybe did, im still not good with english…




Okay, but I’ve not really seen mention of swapping out nameplate styles for borders, which was important to me. The white on gray/yellow with limited transparency options was, and is illegible for me. I relied on that. It either blends into itself, or blends into the environment around it.

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Regarding the previous post:

Dear developers, all this sounds sweet, but very interesting how it will work for PC players, myself such I am. And the cherry on the cake is a good question. Many PC players can not afford VR, but they also want to be more lively with other players. Will this issue be somehow resolved?

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What about better IK?
As from what you wrote in last topic seems that we need to all become pro riggers for community based game? and what is even a standard rig, as hard to find avatar that works good with current ik, can i get any example avatar that is supposed to work?
why it cant just be good like with mod? why excuses like that, no matter what avatar i use either my schoulders or spine or neck is just broken.
Why is such important feature tailored to like 0.1% of people doing custom rigs on thier avatars, and not the vast majority of people using either public avatars or some downloaded & edited mmd/booth/whatever models? And even people trying to adjust their rigs to match their body proportions 1:1 have issues to make it not look scuffed.

I feel like the only people that don’t complain about the IK are just people who either never seen anything better and/or just dont care/notice their avatar bending in very weird ways in certain positions. Or just avatars where its not really visible, like robots with no joints or some less-humanoid-like ones.


Please add Mic Icon as a separate HUD element so we can toggle it on or off without touching the entire HUD. I don’t want the Mic Icon to obstruct my view and it’s a little annoying tp have the icon moving around with us the entire without the ability to turn it off independently.


Hey I enjoy these changes but I have a question when are the favorites gonna be added? When it goes live or next next update?

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I saw you with blueasis in that one map a few days ago!

I am honestly extremely surprised to hear that. That has been my most desired feature for years (used to be easy to do through api endpoints). Many people don’t make worlds nor want to make worlds, and yet have public avatars which they want to be findable. Also, being someone like myself, i enjoy trying out new avatars and seeing what people have done for ideas etc, or showing off things others have created while explaining how they work to people, or even just for rare moods i might have that i don’t have the energy to make a whole avatar specifically for (plus having a high personal standard makes me extremely meticulous of my own avatars) when it already exists somewhere.

As far as stuff like “oh people aren’t going to my world to get the avatars”, my attitude has always been “if you want people to go to your world, make a world people want to go to”. And as far as availability of public avatars, it is pretty fair to say if an avatar is listed public, it should be fair game for use - if you don’t want it used, don’t list it public. The only factor that complicates this is when someone lists a public avatar intending for one specific person to use it - the solution is adding optional whitelist settings for specific user, or group (when added).

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Is the VR keyboard like the menu moveable?

Also while I’m at it. Would it be possible to get a keyboard like in XS overlay where you can also change the Keyboard layout, color. And I guess resize it so it’s easier to type on. <3

Also finger tracking using leap motion would be cool. Not my entire hands just fingers so I can use it with my vr controllers. Don’t expect this one though

Anyways, I’m happy how the game is improving.

Bye bye and happy weekend

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the addition of avatar search would also require moderation would it not? would need a way to moderate the malicious or TOS unfriendly avatars such as Crashers or blatant public NSFW avatars

Is the keyboard going to be limited to VRCInput only or could we get a component of some sorts that we could put onto unity/TMP input fields to trigger it for those?

Asking that as it really restricts what we can use it for.

A few use case examples:

  • Generate discord commands during events to easily set up a list that can be seen on Discord
  • Cross world game worlds that would could have a code you’d need to bring with you to the main world (sort of like a reward unlock system)
  • Debug strings that the user could copy and send to the world author

What happened to the Increased Favorites?

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I’m impressed how much has been addressed with the speed it was, though I’m still extremely upset that there has been no mention of fixing the Avatar 3.0 Scaling feature that was implemented and then removed.

There is a post made about it to the “Feature Requests and Feedback” here, and I’d really like to know if the dev team has acknowledged it at all.

I hate to sound pushy, or rude, but this feature adds a copious amount of capabilities and improvements to the game, and I would love to know if it is in the roadmap, or in sight at least.

And if a dev comes along with this post, please read some of the longer comments on it too. There are some very in-depth reasons why this would be such a huge improvement (Notably my own and ItsTacosDude’s)

Anyway, if there is anyone who could comment on this from the vrchat team, I would greatly appreciate it.


:+1: :white_check_mark: