Developer Update - 5 August 2022

Left some feedback!

I’d advise against just enabling searchable on every public avatar ever made, there are years and years of avatars of very varying qualities (both in performance and aesthetics)
Most made for outdated versions of VRChat. If you ever tried a randomizer pedestal world you’ve experienced avatars not matching their name/description/thumbnail or have very unintuitive controls or are straight up broken to the point where you have to reset your avatar through an emergency key combination.
(or end up crashing yourself)

Also sometimes avatars get set to “public” to let one specific person try out the model before they are purchased from a creator. Having an avatar show up as “fair game” to the entire world in this scenario is highly undesirable.

If something like this were to be added I would suggest to make an additional status for avatars to be configured as instead of just Public/Private I would suggest to have every avatar ever uploaded as “Public” be moved to a status of “Unlisted” and going forwards, if you wanted to share an avatar with the entire playerbase you set it to “Public” but then if you just want it to be able to share between specific people have it show up as “Unlisted”. (maybe limit Public to any avatar of Poor or better rating too)
Similarly I’d advice that any avatar set to public should be subjected to random checks to see if they meet certain requirements/standards/TOS
(like does the thumbnail and description actually match the avatar linked to it)
And if they failed these checks they’d get sent back into the “Unlisted” pile.


I like the idea of the earmuffs mode and more mic settings. At first though i was under the impression you could set other peoples sensitivity i guess, let me explain it this way. I have severe PTSD where loud noises of any kind frighten me badly. i was hoping that you guys were implementing a feature where someone’s audio would cut out at a certain level you choose? say if someone is yelling loudly, on my end i could set it to where any noise over a certain level would cut out for me so i dont hear it, i cant predict who is going to yell and when so i cant just mute people left and right, i want an option to cut out loud audio of other people so i dont have to “make them” change their own sensitivity, what about randoms who will just come up to you and start yelling for no reason and come within your earmuffs bubble? i think this would be a big help for people with PTSD and trauma with loud noise related complications, i think it would also help people with sensitive hearing too.

Checking avatar author is already available at all times, so that doesn’t make sense.
I suppose this is one of these design challenges that VRC Team needs to figure out.
Having Cloning Off doesn’t really have any meaning when you can just search it.

this won’t work with those with fullbody tracking. I myself tried it.

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Can’t rezise the personal mirror.

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This please!
Or more so, I don’t want the mic visible when it’s on, but I do want it visible when I’m mute.

I tried turning the HUD off today to remove the mic, but then I had a moment when I spoke while muted, because there was no indicator.

thx for testing, then i cant use it… sadly

Very nice! Most people are asking for avatar searching. Keep em coming.

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Just felt like I had to share my opinion on the " Personal Mirror Updates" new controls… they do feel like they can be useful in getting a mirror out and set up quickly, but if you insist on adding this feature please also allow the “Grab” style adjusting as well.

I find that normal grab is much easier and comfortable to adjust can be angled easier and is more precise (at least for me) when used in many chill related situations. Grabing the mirror just feels more natural for some of us who are used to the way objects are held in the game.

Now if you instead implemented an ability to push and pull “any” objects away or towards you when held similarly to how desktop users can along side normal grab that would be pretty cool/useful.

Ive been checking the new implementation of the portable mirror grabbing, i notice that you added something on the way the rotation is calculated when you pick it up, it tends to automatically align the rotation with your…hand?or body? with some kind of inertia, this is a very different behavior than, for example, what happens when you pick up the camera or any other object, where the original orientation is maintained as you pick it up and then you can manipulate it. At least for me, this automatic rotation seems to make it quite difficult to place the mirror properly when it’s small and close to me, but it’s good and quite useful when it’s a big mirror far away. I’d alter this behavior so it’s much less pronounced the smaller the mirror is…Or something like that. My 2 cents.

Completely agree with usefulness in small vs big mirror, and just wanted to add that the mirror now positions in front of your sight rather than autolevel to the ground in front.

I think ground leveling is a useful feature to have, hope it returns as an option.

Does anyone else miss skybox mirror option btw? :o

Another useful optional function would be:

  • Auto on/off and remember position of world mirror based on distance from mirror if you walk away from it while it is still on. good for perfomance and convenience)

Just putting in another request for avatar viewpoint scaling. I’ve seen some arguments that it may be used in…annoying? ways, but I’d like to counter those by describing how it was used in incredibly affirming ways within my friend group.

We’re all furries and have different preferences about how large or small we are. (Some of which have to do with dysphoria about real life body size, some having to do with dynamics within relationships, some just because they like to be large or small). VRChat caters to this well by allowing avatars in a wide range of sizes to be uploaded – however, a large or small size is not always practical. Particularly if we go as a group to a game world, or need to adjust to fit the space the group has chosen for a hangout for the week, having flexibility in size is really really nice, as we did not have to have multiple versions of our avatars uploaded in different sizes for different situations. It was understood between everyone that rapidly changing size or stomping in on a conversation at large scale was a social faux pas. We did not need the limitations of the game to enforce this for us.

It’s a big piece of ongoing disappointment for me and for others in my friend group that this is the one of the few mod features not being considered or at least mentioned in these updates. It will probably be one of the things that drives us to other platforms, despite all the work being done here. I hope the VRC dev team changes their position on this. The impact of “griefing” uses can be mitigated by safety settings, and by not exposing it as a global “setting” but just as a supported outcome of changing the root scale in an avatar’s animation, the same way it worked with the mod.


Gotta ask though, since when you guys implementing the desktop camera?

@tupper please undo the changes with mirror in new beta, this fake grabbable mirror is horrible, lags behind with some weird smoothing, and also it seems to ignore my index steamvr configuration and it grabs way before i set my threshold? so im grabbing it by accident constantly. Old one from prev beta was much better.
Cant also walk with it anymore because it lags behind me…

Loving the communication on each update. As with each update I’ll leave a post requesting the implementation of the following features for creators.

  • Camera Resize mod. Makes taking pics and composing shots for video much easier as well as general usage and handling of the camera.

  • Camera Animations mod. Camera movement is an essential element when making high production films and it’s my most requested feature for vrchat right now.

  • Freeze Frame Mod. This lets players make a still copy or record animations of their avatars so they can set up their own photoshoots or act out their own scenes when filming. This feature is local only and would not effect other users. It’s extremely helpful when you have to film by yourself and can’t find full body actors or people to help film due to schedules. This also removes any odd network desync and just streamlines the process of filming and taking pictures by yourself.

Keep up the great work! I’m only mentioning these things cause creators are asking for them and until they are brought back I’ll do my best to get that message across. Thank you again for all the hard work lately.

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This won’t scale the distance between your eyes. Scaling down would be like running around Goldeneye 64 with big head mode on.

This please, and also allow each individual mic state (talking, not talking, muted) to be toggled individually. I will generally want the mic icon to be visible when talking or when muted, but not when I’m unmuted and simply not speaking. Sometimes I sleep in VR with friends, and while worlds with adjustable post processing are great for that, the glaring red mute icon is not, so during those times it’s great to be able to have the mic icon shown at all times when unmuted, but hidden when muted.

Hey, I’m really loving the new features! I have a pimax 8kx and mirror resolution is limited for me, mirrors look very pixelly and blurry. Can you guys please unlimit the resolution of mirrors for high res headset owners?

I’m experiencing similar–