VRChat Udon Build & Test fails due to Anti Cheat Errors, etc

Starting ~today, when I tried to launch any of my projects, I get am Anti-Cheat initialization error - this is with the default client, vrchat.exe –


If I change the exe to launch.exe or start_protected_game.exe, then it does not get the error, but instead send me to my home world with the message [[ Failed to fetch destination world ]] …

Tried pulling the latest SDK, but no change…

Any workarounds or do we need to wait for a fix here…?


There is a current bug on the live build that prevents Build and Test. There is a temporary beta branch on Steam: build-and-test-temp-fix that you can switch to in order to fix this, though when using it you will not be able to connect to live instances. The next update will have this patch implemented.