Developer Update - 20 April 2023

Welcome to the Developer Update for April 20, 2023! This is the 12th text Developer Update this year.

Today’s thumbnail is the last thing you’ll see before you respawn yet again in ville672’s Instagib Tournament. Forget kill streaks, achievements, and rank-ups – it’s all about that “M-m-m-m-monster kill”!

If you’d like to catch up, read our previous Developer Update from April 13.

Old Unused Account Cleaning

We will be cleaning up some old, unverified, completely unused accounts from our databases.

This means that if the account has ever been logged into, verified, interacted with, anything at all beyond creating the account – you’re fine and don’t need to worry. We are not deleting inactive accounts.

There is no ETA on this. We’re just letting you know it’s happening soon.

VCC 2.1.0 and Community Repositories

Did you know the VCC was updated to 2.1.0 earlier this month? Neat, right?

Did you know that update included Community Repositories?!

Starting with version 2.1.0 of the Creator Companion, you can add community repositories to your list of available packages. This allows you to easily use and update packages provided by other creators!

Some community creators might provide an “Add to VCC” button on their website! If that’s the case, you can click that button to add the repository to your VCC.

If that’s not the case - follow the steps below:

  • Open the VCC and go to the Settings page.
  • Make sure you’re on the version 2.1.0 or newer (it is displayed in the top-right corner).
    • If you are not, scroll down and click “Check for Updates”.
  • Click the “Packages” tab.

  • Click the “Add Repository” button.
  • In the field that appears, enter the repository URL you want to add.

  • Click “Add”.
  • A popup will appear, showing you the information about the repository, and a list of packages it contains.
  • If everything looks good, click the “I Understand, Add Repository” button.

  • The repository will be added to your list of installed repositories!
  • You should be able to navigate to any of your projects and see the packages from the new repository as options to install into your project.

I’m a tool creator! How do I create my own repository?!

It’s easy! Check out our guide in the VCC docs.

VRChat 2023.2.1 Patches

Over the past week, we’ve released two 2023.2.1 patches! They fix a few issues with the release. Read up on p1 and p2 in our docs.

Server-Side Instance Changes

We recently pushed out some completely server-side changes that affect how instances work!

  • If you try to join a full instance, you’ll receive an error before you start traveling instead of after you spend time downloading the world and loading it.
  • Users will be denied entry into instances that aren’t network compatible and are told why.
  • We fixed a variety of issues related to how Group instances were displayed on the web.

As a side-note, what I mean by a “full” instance is an instance at or above the “hard cap”, which for the moment is double the defined capacity for a world. We’re changing this soon, though.

Ongoing Development

Group Locations

Group Locations is a new overview page in the Main Menu!

You can find it in the the Social tab. Using it, you can see all group instances of all groups you are in.

You can also filter by groups and sort by name, users, and the number of friends in that instance!

Group Bans

Did you just discover that your Group+ or Group Public instance has been infiltrated by rats? Big chonky VRRats?

You already tried VRRat repellent and it didn’t work… so, there has to be another way right?

Well, we have a solution for you!

You can ban people from your Group instances! Banning a user will prevent them from joining any instance created by your Group! It will also punt them right out of your Group instance immediately. Begone, rodent!

Of course, this ban also prevents those users from joining your group, and also prevents them from joining that Group’s instances in the future.

BTW, if seeing the terms “Groups+” or “Groups Public” is a surprise to you, go check out our last Video Dev Update!

Even More Group Stuff but on the web

We’ve also made it possible for Group members with the “Ban Member” and “Manage Join Requests” permission to ban a user from a Join request:

Clicking that far right “cancel” symbol will ban “Bad User” from your group, which means they can’t request invites anymore.

We’ve also added a nice new “Block Group” dialog for the web, too:

You can block a group by clicking the button on the group’s details page:

There’s even more Groups stuff on the way:

  • Filter Users by Role
  • Sort Users by Join Date
  • Member Search

All of these features are coming to the Groups web interface soon!


Lots of Groups stuff this week!

We’re excited about Groups+ and Groups Publics! We believe those instance types and Group Bans will allow users to organize and moderate their communities even more effectively. Groups+ and Publics will let new friends find their way into groups naturally in a moderated environment.

Thank you for reading, and we’ll catch you next time!


This should also hide nameplate banners for the blocked group.


I don’t mind the VCC but could we get the old sorting stuff back in an update soon? It’s a bit of a pain to scroll through the projects just to get to one that I recently opened


Sorting projects in the VCC by last opened is planned for the next update!


I guess It’s like a bat signal

I swear to god y’all are making me very happy with that news! Keep it up


Very nice


This is great! Hopefully this means more users will update their game when a non-network compatible update rolls around, as well as hopefully less “why can’t I see my friends?!” in the discord. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Very useful. Looking forward to this and more group features. This will revolutionize how VRChat is used.

Thanks for your hard work! ╰(´꒳`)╯


I have been waiting for this, it actually puts the existence of groups into people’s mind, which hopefully means we will see group instances be used far more often.

Also a feature request for the friends wing, since this is coming, could there be a small “banner” (not a wide section, but still) at the top just telling the user there are x amount of group instances they could join?


Just a casual reminder that I need to change the setting for near clip plane everytime when I start up VRC. Which is very annoying and should be saved (locally).

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Those group instance moderation tools look wonderful and extremely valuable, great work.


Does the “cancel” button provide an “are you sure you want to ban this person?” prompt? If not, it’s confusing UI.

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Is there going to b a message system so group members an message each other to plan meeting within vrchat?

i just use the sdk downloads on new projects so i dont have to use the vcc
old ones well they force you to use it which should have never been a thing if you ask me
yeah its neat to have but for those who dont wanna use it shouldnt be forced to use it to fix/update old projects

I’m a bit surprised those images don’t have the big “IN DEVELOPMENT” watermark.
I’m guessing this is coming out pretty soon?

Killing it with these Group and Group+ features. My only concern is that some groups might have to deal with toxic moderators in the future, and without a proper communication channel to those communities, it might cause a pain for some users in the future. Is there any plans for an appeals system in the future, or a way to send a one time direct message to higher staff? If not, probably not a big deal, since most of these communities will have a discord that probably can handle it.

It does! It also has title hover text saying it’s a ban button.


Any plans to save the Near Clipping camera settings? Having to turn that “On” gets bit annoying.

Is it possible to be able to blocked users but still see them has a gray diamond model and their username locally change to “Blocked User”? It kinda gets annoying that they are invisible in game and it ruins a bit the fun in certain maps aswell some people use it for cheating purposes.

Could there be a history of atleast the 5 recently join instances, I sometimes run on the issue where I get VRChat Time out and I get sent to my Personal Home and there’s no way I can return back to that same instances unless I had somebody added.

Possible to customize the Tool on expression menu? Would love to add/replace new buttons like “Locked Gestures” or able to turn on my “OSC” toggle much quicker instead of jumping from menu to menu.

Just bit of stuff I hope to see on the future of VRChat!<3


VCC is just VRChat’s version of Unity hub that makes things a lot easier to update. Like when you’re on the older version of the SDK you don’t get new features, like now you can have the bones reset their positions when you disable the component in the model now. There’s more options in physbones and the avatar parameters list that you’re not getting rn.

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My VCC projects all show up in Unity hub, so I only use VCC when I need something done.

Well, I also launch it when I see a user report about a major update breaking everything, because why not? (Nothing broke yet)

Any updates on Avatar scaling being allowed or brought in again.

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