Creator companion error

using the 2022 avatar project shows the above error ^^^

“Packages\com.vrchat.core.vpm-resolver\Editor\Resolver\Resolver.cs(192,47): error CS0117: ‘Client’ does not contain a definition for ‘Resolve’”
And using 2019 avatar project shows this error

so as of right now i cant actually start any avatar projects any help would be appricated

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I have the exact same error, I haven’t been able to make any new projects at all because it prevents me from uploading or going into play mode. Could someone please help? Tried in 2019 and 2022 unity as well, same problem.

Removing the VPM resolver altogether fixed it for me.
Project - Packages - Delete VRChat VPM Resolver.
Not ideal but it works.

yeah, i tried this, and its still giving me the error
literaly deleted the folder and its back apparently