Controlable Tail Menu HELP

Hi, I’m really having trouble with making a Tail control for my Fox avatar.
I want to make a option in my menu where I can reposition my tail by using a 2D rectal to chose what direction to move my tail.

I have made the Animations and such, but after following Two different tutorials that seem to be likely out of date on how to make it, both of them didn’t work at all. The tail wouldn’t budge.
So I’m trying to find help on how to make, where I can learn how, or what I can use to make it.

I’ve seen many other public avatars be able to have a tail control, but there’s no instructions on how to make them for avatars, so I know there has to be a way.

I’m using the CreatorCompanion, with All up to date Packages, Unity 2022.3, and VRCFury.

Can anyone help me. I’ve been trying to look for an answer for a month, and I’m trying everywhere to find help.

I’ve been struggling with this issue. Found that any bones that don’t fit into the unity human rig can only be animated on the FX layer tutorials I used put it in additive layer.

Just in case. If you have used a physbones on the tail while trying to animate manually, you need to select the “isAnimated” checbox on the physbones component, else the animations won’t play.

Also you may find more help in the Help section, as this thread is in the tool/ressource one