Need some assistance with a weird bug

ive had no issues uploading the avatar in the past, but recently wanted to update it with a few toggles which seemed to break everything. any ideas?

Can you please take a screenshot of yours logs just after trying to upload so we can find the root cause ?

I don’t see relevant information here yet.

yeah, this is what I see in the logs

I can’t figure out what it could be, maybe the prefab mentionned at the last line got removed. I’m not sure. I can’t help. Sorry

LAIR_F_CLA, search that up in the hierarchy and look for a missing script. If there are a bunch of missing scripts it could be something like dynamic bones, otherwise it could be something simple like VRCfury.

It’s a little entertaining because Unity doesn’t know what is missing. Maybe you can just delete the script references in the scene.

I make a duplicate of scene before doing that personally (ctrl + d)

could exporting it as a package and putting it into a new unity project potentially fix it?

Nope. Where is this avatar from? It should list what you gotta bring…

Somewhere in the hierarchy should be a GameObject called “LAIR_F_CLA(Clone).” It says a script is missing from it. Can you find it?

so this worked, but now my custom toggle grip is broken?

What can you say about the custom toggle grip? Maybe you’ve realized what the missing script is for?