Can't use any unity projects due to error message

This is a fresh project with a reinstalled unity and creator compaion. Yet I get this.

  1. Error: Could not load signature of VRC.Dynamics.MathUtil:DistancePointToPlane due to: Could not load file or assembly ‘Unity.Mathematics, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ or one of its dependencies. assembly:Unity.Mathematics, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null type: member:(null) signature:

Try installing the Mathematics package manually.

Window → Package Manager

Give it a few seconds to load the packages, then find “Mathematics”, select it, and click Install.

I can’t remove it because the vrchat sdk is a dependency of it.

Is it already showing as installed or something? I need clearer information here.

Can you post a screenshot of the package manager?

I didn’t find a good dependency checker so I looked at the json files manually to see how/why mathematics is involved.

{PROJECT}\Packages\packages-lock.json mentions burst, so the SDK itself is asking for burst
com.unit[email protected]/package.json asks for com.unity.mathematics 1.2.1[email protected] is what I have in {PROJECT}\Library\PackageCache

What version of com.unity.mathematics is in the Library\PackageCache?

Or maybe see what the package resolver says

I can’t acesss that as the vrchat SDK only show reload SDK

Its more that I have to remove the base sdk first which causes issues with the cretator companion

Alright, so what about the library package cache?


In file explorer it shows mathematics1.2.6

(sorry for it now its just mentally gave up with all the things i’ve tried with this but i’m going to be forced to use the CC at some point.)

No worries for walking away, the problem you’re having seems to defy logic, my newest project is 10 days old and has mathematics 1.2.5, and 1.2.6 is over a year old, well 2022 date.

Today I even managed to break mathematics import by installing shader graph…