Camera stuck in 3rd person for one Avatar

I tried to fix a problem with my Avatar but when I used it in online Testing, switching to the Avatar locked me into a 3rd person bird’s eye view. I placed the viewer right between my eyes in Unity. In fact, when closing out of the game, it briefly switches to first person. I figured it might just be a Desktop issue or an offline test issue but even after uploading and trying it in VR, I was still stuck in the same 3rd person view. How do I fix this?

That’s … quite odd. This happends in vr too ?

It did, yeah. I even tried to create a new Unity project from scratch but it gave me the same behaviour, so I guess it probably has something to do with Blender somehow…? Can’t be VRoid cause I used the same VRoid base to edit in Blender as a couple of months ago.

If you upload the default example avatar, do you see the same kind of things ?

No, seems to be working like normal.

(Looking into the mirror, to clarify)

So it does look to be an issue with the avatar itself. You mentionned VRoid, did you simply imported the avatar ? I believe there is quite some “conversion” steps to do.

I believe the tutorial from phia is still relevant for that.

No, I imported it into Blender to optimize it. Y’know, creating the Visemes, creating eye tracking, lowering tri-count. I just tried phia’s method and my model won’t even work for VRC because it’s too unoptimized if I skip Blender.

maybe ensure that your armature is selected correctly in unity, maybe you had issues with export in blender. I don’t know, i never encountered that

I’ll try editing it in Blender again tomorrow, maybe someone else will chime in by then. I appreciate the help though!

look through the avatar armature for anything with camera in the name and remove them


Thank you! It wasn’t in the armature, it was the camera in the regular Blender scene. Looks like I forgot to remove it. Didn’t think that’d affect the behaviour though.

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I didn’t know that would result in the in game camera changing. Thank you, i’ll know it now.