Vrcsdk view postsion not appearing or existing in unity

ive been working on a model for 5 hours trying to figure this issue out the view postion does not exist on the model at all and when i load in to vrchat the camera is under the world and my model is giant but i cant see it at all and cant interact with menus

what do you mean by “the view position does not exist on the model at all”
if the viewpoint is away from the eyes make sure there is no camera in the armature and that the viewpoint is set correctly in the vrc avatar descriptor (there should be a white ball to show where the viewpoint will be)
if your avatar is too big it will start to have issues with menus and stuff

the gray sphere is not any where in the scene
thats what i mean

ohhhh ok my bad, you can try reimporting everything with this button
that sometimes works or try this one

also check this is enabled
in the top right just above the scene/game view if its off you wont see icons for things like cameras and possibly the sphere

if you cant find it and its just gone you can make your own sphere and set its size to 0.02 (really close to the original) place it where you want your viewpoint then copy its position into the viewpoint

Have you verify that the unity gismos are enabled?

If they aren’t, you won’t see the helping tools like the sphere.

There is a toggle icon on the top right of the scene window.

Thanks, I’d been wondering about that. Turns out I started hiding gizmos awhile ago, and hadn’t had to set a view point on anything in awhile. I thought it was a unity 2022 bug. Oops. It’s okay I only mentioned that speculation to one or two people… :broom:


It’s all right, I sometimes forget about it myself as showing all physbones and other object is a mess, I usually have it disabled. :sweat_smile: