View Position is way Under Model (On the Floor?)

I’ve uploaded my first model to VRChat, and everything went perfectly. My model was on the smaller side so I attempted to go back and scale it (including moving the view point ball up to the right spot) but now my camera is basically on the floor. No matter how many times ive reset and replaced it, the view point is just not pairing with the ball I’ve placed in between the characters eyes. I’ve asked around in many places and nothin’! Any help is appreciated.

Does the avatar have anything for dynamic scaling? Like gogoloco has a scaling option and it requires that the avatar be scaled to 1.00

I can think of three places to scale an avatar, the main object, the Body object (skinned mesh renderer), or in the model file.

The first one is the one to go for, it’s the same object that holds the avatar descriptor.

If you do track down the problem, let us know.

For the eye location numbers, how do they compare with the range of like 0-1.6? Well, maybe from zero to two.

After a bit of messing with it, it seems the problem is that I can’t upload the model on top of itself. I need to delete the old upload and go through the entire upload process again. It may have also been an issue with the thumbnail camera. Either way it seems I have it fixed, I appreciate the advice!