Avatar hands rotated weirdly

I was gifted this one avatar by a friend of mine and I did a bunch of little edits (all texture based) and I was really excited to go and actually use the avatar but when loaded into the game itself the hands are constantly tilted like in the picture below and only line up normally if I twist my hands into a really uncomfortable position to basically force readjust it. I just took a snippet in unity to show how they rotate bc I couldn’t get the camera to line up in game, none of my other avatars have this issue so I know it isn’t an issue with my controllers and I didn’t touch the armature/skeleton of this avatar at all until I noticed this issue in game and to my knowledge neither did the friend of mine that gave it to me.

I’ve tried rotating the bone in unity to see if that would work to no avail and I’m just at a loss, I’ve never seen this issue before and I can’t find a fix anywhere.

I tried to make a reddit account to ask on there but it keeps removing my posts because I don’t have enough karma so that was literally zero help.
broken hand

P.S: I’m on index if that changes things.