Broken blend shapes

when setting up an avatar, I change the blend shapes when animating to do some toggles. it works fine when I check it out using Gesture Manager, but as soon as I upload it or reopen the project, all of the blend shapes reset and I can’t change them whatsoever. any fixes?

How do you do your toogles ? If you can share a screenshot.
That could be rest by the write default behavior of Unity.

im not a million percent sure what this is asking, but ive tried my best to provide
Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 9.29.52 AM

I mostly wanted to see if you had one ON and one OFF animation or if you used the any state with only one animation

oh, for the blend shapes based toggles I have one off and one on. however, I can’t even reanimate anything right now, as my blendshapes won’t change no matter what I do

this is confusing. Usually if blendshapes don’t move, it’s because you are on play mode and animation change the value, blocking you from changing them.

I’m not sure what would cause that then

I have a few extra screenshots that may help

in this screenshot, this is the face default. im gonna change the ff blendshape which should move the lips

even when I change it though, nothing happens. its like this with every single blend shape, not just the vismes either

Oh, so that my be your file that could be the problem. Can you maybe open the file in blender, like import the FBX file and see if blendshapes work here ?

It would be surprising because why did it work before and not now.

I’m very confused

I might have a solution??

earlier, I used the written defaults animators for Gogo. im gonna see if maybe I can remake the avatar with no written defaults and maybe that could fix it?