Blendshapes not saving when uploading avatar from Unity

Hello, I’m working on converting the booth model “Shinra” into a male. First round of testing and I found the blendshapes to remove the eyelashes, elongate the face, and straighten out the mouth were not saved upon upload. For other booth models, it usually always works when I want to make the face less cute and eyes more squinty, but for Shinra, it’s not saving when editing blendshapes in Unity. Anyone happen to know the issue? thank you in advance.

I have no idee, sorry.
But great model so far :tada:

If your avatar is using “Write Defaults” in any of its animations, it may be overwriting your blendshapes!

The easiest way to fix this is to “bake” the blendshape changes in. There’s a few ways to do this.

The “destructive” (as in, hard to reverse) way is to use Blender to bake them in. But personally, I prefer the second method:

You can use VRCFury to “bake” blendshapes into place. You’d want to use the Blendshape optimizer, and make sure that the blendshapes you’re using aren’t animated anywhere in your avatar.